Why Vina Morales doesn't think about marriage

Vina Morales on marriage plans with French boyfriend Marc Lambert: "Soon, we hope and we pray for that, but, for now, I don't want to expect so much, I don't want to expect."

Despite having her heart broken from past relationships, Vina Morales decided to welcome love again with open arms.

After seven years, she has found new love in French businessman Marc Lambert, whom she met at a party hosted by former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson.

They have been in a relation for a year now, but Vina told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) that she has not really been thinking about marriage.

“Ayaw kong isipin. Hindi ko alam kung…huwag na nga, it’s too personal!

“Soon, we hope and we pray for that, but, for now, I don’t want to expect so much, I don’t want to expect.

“It was also a lesson na it happened to me.

"I really thought na these people, yung mga ex-boyfriends ko, they were for me pero hindi pala.

“So sabi ko, hindi na 'ko ma-i-in love, ayun, na-in love na naman and then I had another relationship, so naninwala ako na life has to go on with or without love.”

STRONGER THIS TIME. Heartbreaks, according to Vina, has its beauty and ugliness.

She said, “I think mas naging matatag ako na ngayon ha.

“Mawala man or mayroon man o wala, I’ll be a strong person, especially for me and for my daughter."

She added, “I was very careful on choosing the person na makakarelasyon ko kasi naghintay na rin lang naman ako ng seven years.

“Mag-pray at mag-wish ka na rin ng maganda, di ba positive!”

Her mantra to remain optimistic about love: “Always believe in love and trust God kasi hindi mo masabi kung kalian talaga dadating.”





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