11 things about the one we learned from Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad

Marathon runner Paul Jake Castillo has always looked forward to reaching the finish line, where he would see his girlfriend Kaye Abad waiting for him.

He captioned the photo on the right: "a walk to remember."

We weren't surprised when Paul Jake Castillo finally popped the question to Kaye Abad.

Same month last year, PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to interview the couple twice, and they were simply among the coolest couples in showbiz.

Imagine him calling her "cradle snatcher!"

That's because she's 34, and he's 31.

And when we asked how their friendship transcended to a relationship, Kaye said with a glint in her eye, "Nawalan lang kami ng choice sa isa't isa!"

Paul Jake added, "Last resort."

The two interviews were full of alaskahan and hagikgikan.

And along with their moments posted on Instagram, the couple unwittingly taught us a thing or two about the one.

When do you know it's her or him? Are there any signs?

1. He loves her family, and he is well-liked by her family.

Look: Paul Jake travels with the Abads.

Kaye also joins the family outings of Castillos.

2. Girlfriends approve of him; boyfriends respect her.

So when Paul Jake proposed to Kaye, they all came, and were too happy for the couple.

3. He must be your BFF.

Kaye said their relationship began with friendship.

They met in 2010, on the set of Alyna, the 13th installment of Precious Hearts Romances Presents series.

Before they even became together, she already knows his “kalokohan.”

The actress told PEP, “… alam ko lahat, accepted na lahat yun, kasama sa package yun.”

4. She must be your best buddy.

He has his own set of barkada. He spends time with them.

But his gym buddy, travel buddy, and eating buddy is Kaye.

5. She can get him to do kikay things.

They have their regular salon day.

They like twinning.

6. He is a good influence to her, and she to him.

Paul Jake, a triathlete, turned Kaye into a fitness buff.

For his part, Paul told PEP, “Nadali din ako diyan, di na ako lumalabas.


“Tamang-tama din, yung dating lifestyle ko, wala na dahil sa kanya. Na-miss ko…di, joke lang.

“She doesn't like going out, ayaw niya ng maingay na lugar.”


7. She is his number one supporter/ cheerer.

Each time he reaches the finish line, he would look for her.

His caption for this photo: “Thanks for always being so supportive... Even if it was scorching hot, you still stayed under the sun... LOVE YOU!!!”

8. They have fun together; they make fun of each other.

Here’s a sample of their quips.

The question to them was: Ready na ba kayo sa kasal?

Kaye: “Oo, ready na ako, kasi matanda na ako. Kung aarte pa ako, parang sinayang ko na lang rin, di ba?”

Follow-up question: Do they want a long or short engagement?

Paul Jake: “Wala nang proposal! Kasi mahal ang diamond ring, e. Diretso kasal na!”

9. She describes herself “mababaw,” “low maintenance,” and not “extravagant.”

Upon hearing that, Paul Jake sighed with relief and huffed, “Buti naman.”

10. He is not the best-foot-forward type.

Kaye said, “Kapag when he does little stuff na alam ko it's not him, yung alam mo hindi siya, yung may effort, kahit yung mga maliliit na stuff, super appreciate ko.”

11. They’re both ready.

In one of their exclusive interviews with PEP last year, Kaye jokingly asked the celebs who had gotten married, “Baka may gustong magpahiram ng singsing? Ibabalik din naman namin.”

Well, after his "super-effort" proposal, it seems like there’s no need for her to borrow any ring.

Paul Jake knows he's got the real deal.

Photos lifted from @pauljake_castillo and @kaye_abad on Instagram





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