Have you seen Angel Aquino's daughter?

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Iana Bernardez is the daughter of Angel Aquino. Back in 2012, she did some modeling for Little Turp, a brand owned by her friend.

We know Angel Aquino has daughters.

We didn't know though that her eldest is already 23 years old until we saw this, and did some simple Math.

070315| Hi there God, thank you for 22 beautiful years ?????? @bernardezthea

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Her name is Iana Bernardez, and she really looks like her mom especially when she smiles.

100614| ??????

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She turned 23 years old last July 3, and got this birthday message on Instagram from her mom:

"Catch your dreams. Live what you imagine. Love your life. Happy birthday my curious, adventurous one!!!"

She did some modeling back in college...

...but Iana chose to stay away from the spotlight.

According LinkedIn, she is presently an events producer.

060716| I really liked these photos from Jetro Vin Rafael's #Hubadaismo

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Iana says she's a "beach person," but based on her Instagram posts, she had also tried surfing and mountain climbing.

061215| ?? relak. Now I know I'm more of a beach person.

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040415| ????

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050215| 12 Peaks after ????????

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She, her mom, and younger sister Thea are part of the Juan Day project, which brings bags and school supplies to schoolchildren who need them most.

They recently went to Nueva Vizacaya and Ifugao.

19May16. School 1. #juanday5

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She bonds with her mom over food, yoga, to name a few.





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