Five practical ideas for children's rooms

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Kendra's and Scarlett's room have identical beds, same bed linens, and almost similar side tables.

Children nowadays want a space of their own.

And parents always want to give them the best without having to bring in a mini castle or build a slide or put a glow-in-the-dark wall decor.

Here are a few practical ideas that moms and dads can work on.

1. Create a gender-neutral nursery.

Add furniture pieces and accessories that can create a youthful look, and last even if the baby reaches pre-school or even grade school.

Simply change the crib to a full-size bed then retain the color scheme as well as the other furniture and decor.

Here's Gavin's room.

2. Let your child's favorite color dominate the room.

It is not advisable to deck the whole bedroom of your child with cartoon character decor and novelty items, as these will be discarded when he grows out of this phase.

However, a room that sports his favorite color bears a stamp of his personality, and he won't get tired of it anytime soon.

Jazz, Jennylyn Mercado's son, likes his blue-themed bedroom, where he can also play and watch his favorite cartoon shows.

3. Experiment with grown-up themes.

Just because it's a kiddie room doesn't mean it should look like one.

4. Create an L-shape furniture layout in small rooms.

If your kids share a room, and you don't want a bunk bed for them, you can place their beds perpendicular to each other.

Spice up the look by choosing bold colors for the beddings.

5. Go symmetrical.

If the kids are sharing one room, you can have identical elements on both of their sides of the bed,

Kendra's and Scarlett's bedroom have identical beds, similar bed linen, and almost the same side tables.


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