A peek into Maggie Wilson Consunji's fabulous home

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Maggie Wilson Consunji now owns a swimsuit line, dabbles in interior design, and is happily married to real-estate magnate Victor Consunji.

It was only this year that Maggie Wilson Consunji returned to television via The Amazing Race Asia 5.

Off cam, she has been living a fabulous life as wife to Victor Consunji, a real-estate magnate, and mom to four-year-old Connor.

The former beauty queen now owns a swimsuit line, and sometimes models her designs.

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She has also been traveling.

In the past two months, she's been to four countries.

This was taken in Morocco with the Agran tree-climbing goats which eat the fruits and leaves, which become undigestible seeds, which are turned into Argan Oil.

In Barcelona, Spain, where they joined an Ironman event...

Hashtag candid! ???????????? Tap for credits on my outfit details! #ootd #barcelona #spain

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In Berlin, Germany with her husband

Post 6km run smiles! ?? #Berlin #Germany

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In Lucerne, Switzerland

Loving the slightly nippy weather in Luzern! #Luzern #Lucerne #switzerland #ootd #nofilter

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This year, she started giving interior designing a shot.

This was her first project: their bedroom.

The guest bedroom, which she also designed.

Now this is their "#tropicalglam" living room...

In a previous Instagram post, she wrote, "I was always scared to mix colors, prints and patterns, but being in design school has taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone.


"I've been planning this space for over a year now and I'm really happy with the results. Really proud of this."

Their al fresco dining area

Her favorite spot in the house

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The pool

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The foyer, which has a portrait of Maggie and Victor by surrealism visual artist Cezar Arro...

Us! ???? #CezarArro #Portrait #Art #FilipinoPainter #Foyer

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