Sharon Cuneta gives a glimpse of children's rooms in new condo

IMAGE Sharon Cuneta on Facebook

Sharon Cuneta and her kids Frankie, 15, Miel, 12, and Miguel, 7.

Sharon Cuneta has been out of the limelight since her TV stint on The Voice Kids Season 3 ended in August 2016.

She assured her fans however that her "break" is not due to health-related concerns.

One of the things she's been busy with of late: her new condo unit in Makati.

The Megastar wrote on her Instagram account about two weeks ago, "Kiko has his farm, I have my new Makati condo."

Prior to this, she shared that she has "sold my Twin Towers condo two years ago but I am very near it."

Here's a glimpse of her unit:

The actress mentioned that they're "not totally done decorating it yet."

On Monday, November 28, the singer/host/actress spent some quality time with her family at their new place sans her eldest who is presently in New York.

The Megastar gave her followers a peek into the individual rooms of Frankie, Miel, and Miguel.

Though the interiors aren't fully done yet, some cute furniture pieces were already in place.

Check out the bed and working station of Frankie:

Sharon's eldest daughter requested that her bed must be above her work station.

Frankie also gets to enjoy a stunning view of the city.

Her third daughter Miel dubbed her place as "princess room."

Sharon wrote, "She is in love with her butterfly lamps with the lavender shades!"

For the only boy, the Megastar said that Miguel was "obsessed with his Star Wars Millenium Falcon bed!"

The guest room





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