Korina Sanchez and the "never-ending saga" of her Christmas tree

IMAGE @thisiskorinasanchezroxas on Instagram

Korina Sanchez showed her first version of her ever-changing, ever-improving Christmas tree four weeks ago.

Korina Sanchez put up her Christmas tree early.

The Rated K host was happy to reuse her last year's decor.

On Instagram, she wrote, "I haven't gotten tired of my tree...I mix handmade with organic."

 Korina added that she loves the "cheer of red and green polka dots and stripes..."

But recently, she added fresh cypress leaves to their tree.

In a separate post, she revealed that since "late last night till last midnight, we were inserting it into the tree..."

She captioned: "Clean up the ends and siksik lang, top to bottom."

Aside from making her "fake tree" look more real, Korina revealed that the latest add-ons have made her home smelling so good.

Korina: "My tree is richer, looks real, and smells wonderful!"

But her next concern then was, "I kept thinking what to place on my treetop."

Luckily, a friend from Kapamilya Network gave what she needed.

"Today, Mariole Alberto [Star Magic boss] sent me her always early Xmas gift. Something for my treetop!"

A week ago, the wife of Mar Roxas noticed that "something just wasn't right" on her tree.

What she did was put "more red stuff on it, more lights."

She quipped, "I know, I know. It is a never-ending saga of my Christmas tree. Again."

She joked, "Pasko na, hindi pa rin tapos," referring to her already-beautiful Christmas tree.

Earlier today, December 6, the broadcaster took a close-up shot of two characters/ornaments on her tree.

One was the famous Mickey Mouse "ornament" which was "given to me by Disneyland Hong Kong when we went there."

Written on it was her hubby's name "Mar."

Of course, Minnie Mouse, bearing her name, also got a spot on her tree.





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