Bianca Gonzalez and husband JC Intal split household chores

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Bianca Gonzalez on sharing household duties with husband JC Intal: "Hindi ko alam kung si JC lang yun, pero Pinoy male sensibility na gusto na sila ang padre de pamilya…Ako ang ilaw ng tahanan."

Bianca Gonzalez, 33, revealed that she and husband JC Intal, 33, practice the traditional Filipino household set-up in their home.


The Pinoy Big Brother host described herself as the “ilaw ng tahanan,” while cager is the “padre de pamilya.”


Bianca elaborated, “In fairness, ako ang bahala sa budgeting for kitchen, groceries, deciding kung ano ang mga kinakain na ulam.


“The rest siya—fixing the house, repairing the house, cleaning the house, bills of the house—siya na lahat.


“Pero parang gusto nga yun ng mga lalaki. Hindi ko alam kung si JC lang yun, pero Pinoy male sensibility na gusto na sila ang padre de pamilya…

"Ako ang ilaw ng tahanan.”

Talo si mommy, talo si daddy.

A post shared by Bianca Gonzalez Intal (@iamsuperbianca) on (Philippine Entertainment Portal) briefly chatted with Bianca at Downy Parfum Collection’s media launch, which was held in Shangri-La The Fort last Thursday, March 8.


Since the event coincided with the celebration of International Women’s Day, PEP asked Bianca about the things that she can do—aside from giving birth and nursing—that JC can’t.



Smiling, she gamely exclaimed: “Oh, my gosh, ang hirap ng tanong!


“I can cook. I don’t cook well, but I can cook better than him. Siya not so much.


“I can speak spontaneously in front of a crowd. He can’t.


“Ang hirap nung aside from nursing and giving birth. Yun na lang ang alas natin ite-take away mo pa.”  

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Bianca reiterated that it’s a matter of complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

“We do things together.  But yes, there are a lot of things also that he can do that I can’t. And there are a lot of things that I can do that he can’t.”

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ON BALANCING WORK AND FAMILY LIFE. A quick look at Bianca’s Instagram would show that she's able to pursue her hosting stints while being a hands-on mom to her one-year-old daughter, Lucia.


How does she manage to do it?



Bianca gushed, “I’m very lucky because I don’t have a nine to five job.


“Most of the time, my work is in the afternoon so, I have the whole morning to spend with my baby.


“Wala akong na-miss na milestone. Every day I was there. Kahit ang hirap-hirap.


“It’s easier than some people think only because I prefer to work during hours na tulog na yung baby ko so technically. wala akong nami-miss na moments.”


Having said that, Bianca commended fellow women who juggle work and family life.


“Every day iniisip ko na grabe ang hirap para sa isang mom with a nine-to-five job to spend quality time with their baby or kids.


“Kasi sa umaga, baka nagmamadali na to go to work. Pag-uwi naman, sa gabi patulog na.


“I think women with nine-to-five jobs have it so much harder, and saludo ako sa kanila kasi hindi ko ata kaya yun.”



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