Robin Padilla transforms big lawn into playground for Baby Isabella

IMAGE @robinhoodpadilla on Instagram

Mariel Padilla and her daughter Maria Isabella

Mariel Padilla simply wanted to host a friend's baby shower at their home, and invite some kids.

Upon telling her husband Robin Padilla, he did more than childproofing the house, and transformed a portion of their lawn into a playground so their unica hija Isabella can have playdates.

The mom was naturally over the moon, "My isabella was so happy and that means the world to me."

Here's Mariel's Instagram post:

Baaaabe!!! @robinhoodpadilla awww thank you!!! When I told my husband Coco and I were going to host a baby shower for @beeyuncs at home and we will invite kids over he immediately turned our home into a kid friendly zone. Safety of the kids come first. So he childproofed our house hehe... you can see in the photos that he actually did a lot of the work himself. He taught our staff exactly what to do and our big bonus was he brought the big playground over so Isabella could have playdates!!!!!! As you can see in the last photo the slide is not just for kids but for adults as well because that right there is @muchonggg (huli ka! Hahaha) it was so much fun seeing the kids run around and playing ?????? my isabella was so happy and that means the world to me. ????

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More photos courtesy of @marieltpadilla on Instagram:

Mariel and Robin saw to it that the "safety of the kids come first."

The playground is also for adults.

Here's Isabella looking at her huge slide.

Robin posted a video of Isabella's priceless "gigil bago mag-slide" reaction. 





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