Aubrey Miles a protective mom to her many kids--her plants!

Aubrey Miles thinks of her plants as part of her family, and not just as a hobby or decorations in her home.

Plants are not mere obsessions to Aubrey Miles.

She treats them like her "kids," and calls them her "loves."

She does not just water them, and exposes them to the sun. She gives them TLC, and feeds them with plant food and fertilizer.

So one time she was out of the country for a month, some of them died.

On Instagram, the actress wrote, "Happy to be back but sad for my plants that died....I can’t blame our housekeepers."

She has also made them a part of her life and her household.

Aubrey actually set up an "indoor planting station" in their family home.

She talks to them before leaving the house, and checks each one of them before she sleeps.

She works out with them, too.

Her plants do not just beautify her surroundings, they "ease pain," too.

She captioned, "Just stare and be thankful I can feel everything."


So if you hurt them, she can be like a lioness  who's very protective of her cubs.

Her husband Troy Montero is well aware of this, and protecting them is one of his "daddy duties."

Early today, he wrote this cardboard sign: "HUWAG TUMAE AT IHI DITO SA 'GARDEN' SALAMAT PO."

Troy accompanied his post with this caption: "Keep off thy neighbors grass yo! Or my pregnant Queen gonna snap! And you don't want that!"


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