On a tight budget? Here's what you should do until the next payday arrives

You don't need to deprive yourself while waiting for your next paycheck.
Mar 22, 2018

If you've been working for a while now, you know how much it stings whenever you have to spend your hard-earned cash. But there are ways to avoid feeling that way, and these ideas not that hard to accomplish:


1. Make do. 

There's no need to follow the latest trends when it comes to gadgets and clothes. Make do with what you have, and be resourceful. Creative accessorizing might do the trick! Before you know it, your savings will have increased, and you'll thank yourself later when you have enough money to buy things that are more meaningful than just whatever's hot right now.


2. Be honest with yourself and your friends.

It helps to just be upfront about how much you can spend in a period of time. This way, you can manage your friends' expectations whenever you go out with them. It's better than backing out at the last minute or ending up with plans that remain on the drawing board.

If your plans—to have dinner with a balikbayan friend or relative, for example—do push through but you don't have enough cash, a credit card can come in handy. Citibank offers credit cards that suit different priorities like getting rebates, traveling, and earning reward points. Just remember to keep track of your credit-card expenses so you won't spend beyond your means.


3. Accept a raket.

Do freelance or sideline jobs to beef up your bank account. Here's an idea: For a reasonable fee, you can prepare packed lunches for your officemates—let them sample your cooking first to see if they love it. Or if you're musically inclined, offer to perform at friends' weddings or parties.


4. Plan a trip.

Making travel plans gives you a goal to save up for. You'll be more motivated to make your paycheck last longer if you know you're shelling out for something big—and funin the future.

It's also an incentive for living below your means. If you spend less, you can save more for a trip that can give you memories to last a lifetime.

If you need to travel in a few weeks (or you've chanced upon discounted tickets) but you still don't have enough cash, just swipe—and even earn points and miles if you use a Citi credit card. 

If simplicity is a priority, apply for a Citi Simplicity+ Card. Enjoy no annual fee every year, plus no late-payment and over-limit fees. This card also lets you pay at least the minimum amount on or before the due date and even get 10% back on interest charges.

Learn more about Citi Simplicity+ Card by following this linkYou may also read more about creating and keeping budgets here for more financial insights and tips.

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