The cute way Olivia Reyes sings baby sister Amelia to sleep

IMAGE @andimanzano on Instagram

Andi Manzano captures her daughters Olivia and Amelia share a funny moment before going to sleep.

Little Olivia Reyes appears to be enjoying her new role as big sister to sibling Amelia.

Celebrity mom Andi Manzano captured her daughters sharing a cute moment before going to sleep.

It seemed Olivia wanted to try to put her baby sister to sleep, and began singing a lullaby of sorts in a high-pitched voice, "Sleepy! You are sleepy! You are sleepy!"

In response, Amelia gave her big sister a slightly annoyed look.

The ate said, "Close your eyes now because you're going to sleep. There you go."

But her baby sister kept staring back at her.  

Olivia continued, "Okay, sleep now. Close your eyes, close your eyes, close your eyes! I'm waiting for you to close your eyes!"

She then clapped her hands thinking it would instantly sway Amelia to sleep,

The tot added, "Please close your eyes. I said, please close your eyes!"

Watch the sisters bond with each other.


Andi and husband GP Reyes welcomed their second daughter on January 19.

Their first daughter Olivia turned four years old last March 20.


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