Understanding Luis Manzano when he loses his cool on Instagram

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Luis Manzano on dealing with bashers: "Alam mo yung mga tao, matatapang lang iyan hangga't may sampal na dumating sa 'yo di ba? Saka mo lag mari-realize yung mga mali na nagawa mo."

On screen and off screen, it seems it's in the nature of Luis Manzano to make people laugh.

And his endearing antics have spilled all over his social media accounts.

A quick peek at his Instagram account reveals a collection of viral videos that he shares with his followers.

But in a recent interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the ABS-CBN host/actor said his postings on Instagram were not meant to be about him.

He explained, "I'm not a selfie type of guy... mas gusto ko yung mga tao na they have a place to go kapag gusto nila tumawa or kalimutan muna yung mga ginagawa nila.

"Kaya yun yung purpose ng page ko, para sa akin."

He sounded serious until he quipped, "Itong mukhang ito, pagkakalat ko pa ba ito?  E, di madaming araw na nasira.

"Alam ko, celebrities, gusto nila yung may mga color, theme, pero to each his own."



On the other hand, for all his funny ways, Luis has been in the crosshairs of bashers as well.

They're part of the social media culture, and the Kapamilya host has accepted that.

But he admitted that he has always been "mapagpatol," especially when people close to him get dragged in the fracas. He personally responds to comments.

The son of Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano said, "Ako, mapagpatol ako, e. Mapagpatol talaga ako, dati pa mapagpatol talaga ako. 

"Those people who really know me know that.

"Dati pang tinitira sa akin ng mga bashers iyan, mapagpatol daw ako."

Luis has made headlines a couple of times, reacting to comments directed at his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola.

He added, "Kahit nung kami pa ni Jen [Jennylyn Mercado], ni Angel [Locsin], sabi mapagpatol daw ako; at mapagpatol pa rin ako hanggang ngayon.

"Anong nagbago sa akin? Lumalaban naman talaga ako.


"Sinabi ko dati pa na bastusin mo ako, babastusin kita."

The Kapamilya star believes in the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

He continued, "Sa akin naman kasi, kung ano ang ipinapakita mo sa akin, yun ang ipapakita ko sa iyo.

"But I’d like to think, on any given day, that I am an okay guy.

"Ayokong sabihin na mabait ako, I’m an okay guy.

"Harapan mo ako ng kabutihan, kabutihan ang isusukli ko.

"Bakit ako mambabastos sa taong mabait sa akin?

"Pero harapan mo ako ng kabastusan, babastusin din kita."

And to the netizens who get on his nerves, Luis goes beyond responding to them.

"Sinasagot ko, binabash ko. Kahit pamilya nila, iba-bash ko.

"You know me, hindi ko naman tinatago, e, di ba?

"By the time na sumagot ako, na-research ko na kung sino sila.

"At saka dini-DM ko sa kanila lahat ng mga pictures nila.


"'O ready na ba kayo? Ako naman ang titira ngayon.'

"Sabihin nila, 'Ay hindi, sorry, Kuya Luis, nadala lang ako ng emosyon' or 'Joke lang yun.'

"'Ay hindi,' sabi ko. 'Matapang kayo, ito pictures niyo, ready na ba kayo na kayo naman pagtawanan sa social media or gawan ng issue?'

"'Hindi, Kuya Luis, we're sorry.' Alam mo yung mga tao, matatapang lang yan hangga't may sampal na dumating sa 'yo, di ba?

"Saka mo lang mari-realize yung mga mali na nagawa mo."

Nevertheless, Luis said he does not block netizens who bash him, "Sila nagba-block sa akin, e.

"Kapag sinasagot ko na sila at medyo nari-realize nila na medyo nadedehado na sila, sila magba-block sa akin.

"Kaya natatawa ako, yung mga bashers ko, sila nagba-block sa akin."

On the other hand, he does not think twice about muting or blocking troll accounts in his social media accounts.


Luis said, "Pag-troll account, iba-block ko yun kasi alam naman natin na itlog lang yung picture nun.

"Pero pag nakita kong personal, bukas yung page natin pareho, e di laban tayo."

Toward the end of the interview, PEP.ph asked Luis for advice to his fellow celebrities who are often on the receiving end of bashing from netizens.

Keeping mum is the best reaction, most people say.

But to shut down the meanness, Luis said giving the bashers a piece of his mind is the best approach.

He suggested, "Some will say na let it pass, some will say block. Ako, I'll say fight back.

"Some people choose the peaceful route na parang, 'Ah, okay lang, i-block na lang.' Ako hindi, para matuto sila.

"This day and age, we have so many victims already, so once in a while you have to fight back to make people realize.

"Malay mo, yung taong yun, dahil pumalag ka, e, matuto at hindi niya gawin sa iba.


"Maybe you start that ripple na pagbabago para sa tao and saving people from their own bullshit."


Meanwhile, Luis has also been reposting funny videos on his social media account, how does he source them?

"Some were sent. Some were researched," he said, adding he is aware of the issue on giving credit to the photo/video owner or properly acknowledging the sourced materials in social media.

He revealed the process.

"Minsan nga sinasabi nila, 'O, hindi ka naman nagke-credit.' Oo, pero tinatanong ko...

"Kunyare someone sends me a video, I ask, 'I-post ko ba na galing sa 'yo?'

"'Ay, hindi okay na.' 'Ah okay, e di hindi, thank you.'

"Kunyare sinabihan ka naman, 'Ay, sa'min yung video!'

"Sige, ilalagay ko. So, if you look at some posts, may credit minsan, minsan naman wala.

"Mas problemado pa sila sa account ko kesa sa sarili ko. E, tinatanong ko naman yung mga nagse-send.


"For example, may nag-send sa akin, and then all of a sudden, may nag-message sa akin, 'Hi Kuya Luis, kami yung nasa video, hindi kami kumportable na it's on social media.'

"'Okay, ide-delete ko.' Ganun ako kadaling kausap," he said.

PEP.ph interviewed Luis at the press launch of Shakey's Send-A-Shakeys event in Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City last May 7.


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