Piolo Pascual is a proud "pensiyonado" at 40

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Piolo Pascual on importance of saving money at an early age: "Save up a percentage of what you're getting. Then, one day you'll wake up, you don't have to work anymore."

When we say "pensioner," we automatically think that the person is already retired or in his/her senior years.

But Piolo Pascual changes that perception because at the age of 40, he proudly calls himself a "pensiyonado."

He is not yet retiring from show business, but is simply reaping what he had saved during his earlier years in the industry.

“I'm pensiyonado, not to brag about that, because I started saving when I was 20, 21.

“So after 20 years, you get your dividends already.”

Piolo, who has been in showbiz for more than two decades, said he started putting his money in different investments even before he became famous.

“That's what I've been doing growing up.

"Now, with Sunlife, I get to enjoy different policies every year. And I get to impart it to my family,” he told the reporters and bloggers at a birthday conference prepared for him by Star Magic recently.

Today, January 12, is Piolo's 40th birthday, and if there's one piece of financial advice he wants to share everyone: save and invest early.

“You know, think about it in the easiest way, growing up, it's paluwagan, right?

“But you don't wanna wait for you to get old to enjoy that.

“You start young so that when you're mature, you'll be able to enjoy more without thinking about how much you're saving.

“It's all about practical application.”

Piolo is financially-ready in case showbiz runs out of projects for him, thanks to this mindset: “It's important to know that you're not gonna be in your prime forever."

Then, Piolo repeated, “The moment you start working, even if you're still at school, you start saving.

“Save up a percentage of what you're getting.

“Then, one day you'll wake up, you don't have to work anymore.”

Piolo Pascual: "I'll always feel young."

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Lastly, aside from living a comfortable life, Piolo's stature lets him make a difference in the lives of others.


“It's not just about me anymore. It's about the people I'm able to empower, I'm able to impart my life experiences with,” the actor-singer said in conclusion.





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