Vickie Rushton and brother Kian are the ultimate Sibling Goals!

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Vickie Rushton on her older brother Kian: "My love for my brother is bigger than anything this world can offer." 

Vickie Rushton's Facebook post about her "lunch out" with brother Kian has gone viral since she put it out on February 2, 2017.

Her 27-year-old brother has Down Syndrome.

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate narrated how simple things can make "Toto Kian" (his nickname) super happy.

She wrote, "I took my brother, Kian, out for lunch today because he's asking for some strawberry shake since yesterday.

"When we arrived at the new cafe located just a few minutes from our house, that's what he ordered.

"Every time he took a sip, he would nod and say, 'hmm namit [delicious in Ilonggo].'

"I was staring at him because of his cute reactions.

"He would clap, smile, and give me and Penny [a friend] a kiss.

"I know he's happy. Food makes him happy anyway."

Since Kian is a music lover, the siblings also stopped by a musical instrument store.

"Before going home today, we went to a musical instrument store, he told me to buy what we were supposed to buy last month, a Ukulele (a gift from @zhardee, thank you!) and since he has extra money, he bought a flute and a harmonica.


"I allowed him to hand the money to the cashier.

"He was very very very happy."

She added, "Iniwan na nga ako sa loob ng shop! Sobrang excited makauwi."

To some, these may seem usual activities, but to Vickie and her brother, they are remarkable feats.

The Kapamilya talent added, "I want him to be happy. I want him to enjoy life.

"An angel like him deserves a good and a happy life.

"I want him to be happy in this lifetime.

"He is more than just the best."

It also warms Vickie's heart each time Kian would look for her whenever she is in Manila. Their family is based in Talisay, Negros Occidental.

"He would call me almost every day if I'm away. Sometimes he is my 'alarm clock' (and I looove it)."

To those who do not know, the siblings' mom is blind.

Hence, "The only time he can leave the house and eat in restaurants is when he is with me," Vickie mentioned.


This post has been generating sweet words from the netizens, some of them posting pictures of their "little angels."

In the same post, the girlfriend of Jason Abalos said she wasn't expecting people to pay much attention to her story.

She thanked everyone.

"I just wanted to share how our day went that day.

"Thank you everyone for the love. Thank you for sharing your photos with your angels."

On February 9, 2017, (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chat with Vickie via Facebook messenger.

She began, "I won't trade this to anything in this world.

"My love for my brother is bigger than anything this world can offer.

"I have nothing but sweet words for all special children and also for the family and everyone who loves special children."

The 24-year-old celebrity also said that her brother is so easy to please.

"The simplest thing I can do to always make him special is simply by talking to him and listening to him.


"Like if I'm here at home he always sits in this specific spot in our sala to watch his favorite movies (he loves The Sound of Music and Annie, parang memorize na namin dialogue sa paulit-ulit almost everyday haha) and play the musical instruments.

"So every time I'd pass by, I hug him and whisper 'I love you, Toto" or give him a high five and our special handshake.

"And yung pag naglalambing ng gusto bilhin na food and CDs (he loves music) as I am typing this Christmas songs ang pinapakinggan."

Like any normal siblings do, they also like goofing around.

"He would hand me his musical instruments and ask me to play, I would dance in front of him which makes him laugh cos I'm not a good dancer."

But if she's in Manila for work or other commitments, Vickie makes sure she'd make time for Kian's calls.


"He would call almost everyday.

"So kahit may ginagawa ako, hindi ako nagmamadali matapos ang call.

"Hindi ako yung mag-e-end ng call baka malungkot siya. Hinihintay ko na siya."

In those moments he would have his mood swings, the Star Magic artist would hug him tight and whisper, "Sinasabi ko lang po na ayaw ko nagka-cry siya dahil nalulungkot din ako.

"Tinatanong ko siya 'gusto mo cry din si vim?' Ayaw niya.

"So titingin siya sa 'kin at mag-ask ng parang 'wag na ako cry?'

"Sasabihin ko, 'Oo wag na.'

"Then paulit-ulit na 'I love you.'

"Then mag-i-smile na siya. Pero minsan, lalo siya naiiyak pag sasabihin ko na love na love ko siya."

To those who have "angels" in their families, Vicki left this message.

"We are blessed that God chose us to be with an angel here on earth to experience and feel this kind of love they give, so genuine and true.


"Isn't it amazing that even if we're quiet, they know whenever we need a hug? That's how special they are.

"I hope there will be more families that will embrace their uniqueness because they bring so much happiness.

"Let's not be violent but rather be patient and shower them with pure love."

She also reiterated the importance of having a happy home.

"Parang babies kasi sila na kung ano ang kinalakihan na environment, gano'n din sila.

"They depend on us so let's not fail them. Let's be strong for them.

"Ito ang totoong #familygoals and #siblinggoals, di ba? hihihi! Let's spread love and awareness."


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