The love letters of Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres on social media

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Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez have been married for 18 years.

Couples, take note: if you love each other, say it.

Letters, notes, and posts have remained an effective form of communication between couples.

Before, it would take quite an effort to send a snail mail or a telegram. These days, your message can be read by your loved one in a jiffy.

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres like exchanging sweet nothings on social media, whether it's an ordinary day or there's an occasion.

Here are six of the sweetest lines Richard and Lucy wrote about each other:

While on their trip to Madrid, Spain, Richard and Lucy found time to stroll around the city.

Lucy wrote to Richard, “I love you. I love the time we spend together. I love the long walks we take. I love the dreams we make.”

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Still in Madrid, Richard couldn’t help but take a photo of his wife sitting by the window, looking over the Madrid cityscape.


Richard captioned, “Beautiful morning. Beautiful wife. Beautiful life.”

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While touring England, Lucy couldn’t help but gaze at her husband.

She wrote, “Forever, you and me.

“P.S. And till I am old and gray I will always look at you this way.”

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One fine day in December 2015, Richard wrote to Lucy, “You are my forever.”

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The couple never fail to greet each other on their special days.

For their 17th wedding anniversary, Richard wrote this message along with a collage of their throwback photos.

“It seems only like yesterday when we started this journey of life together. Life with you has been so much fun, relaxed, and meaningful.

“Thank you for loving the people close to my heart, my friends, Juliana, and for always making me feel special.

“I always pray to God to keep us happy and healthy all the time so we may continue to grow and enjoy this journey of love forever. Happy 17th anniversary!”


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In response, Lucy recalled her younger years when she was 12 years old and “first fell in love” with Richard.

“Dearest @richardgomezinstagram, I first fell in love with you when I was 12 years old, I finally met you when I was 19 (on the set of our Lux shampoo ad, thus the throwback photos) and you asked me to be your bride when I turned 23.

“It has been 18 beautiful years since I walked down the aisle and I want you to know that to this day, you still take my breath away.

“Happy anniversary, my love. Ours will always be my favorite love story. Cheers to forever!”

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Stay in love, PEPsters!





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