The Sotto kids: a bunch of good-looking cousins

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We won't be surprised if some of these kids will be joining showbiz.

The Sotto brothers, Tito and Vic, are famous for being the main hosts of Eat Bulaga!

Tito is also a senator, while Vic branched out into producing blockbuster movies.

Tito has four kids and nine grandchildren.

Vic Sotto has four kids, too, and six grandchildren.

But let's put the spotlight on the comedians' apos.

If you're following any of the Sottos on Instagram, you would have seen them—a good-looking bunch of cousins, who have what it takes to be an artista just like their lolo.

Meet Vito (left) and Mino, the sons of Tito's eldest daughter Apples.

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Helena, the daughter of Lala Sotto, is the eldest granddaughter of the senator.

For the longest time, she was also the only girl among Tito Sen's grandchildren.

This cute little boy is nicknamed Mano, the son of Lala.

The handsome sons of Gian Sotto and wife Joy are future heartthrobs.

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The eldest Kuya Hugo loves playing the guitar.

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Edrigu, 9, is dubbed by his parents' followers as "guwaping."

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Sandro is the comedian. You will be charmed by his antics.

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Rossano is four years old. His mom said he is the "sweetest, kindest and most loving and affectionate little boy ever!"

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Baby Amari is the family's doll, the only girl of Gian and Joy, and presently the youngest apo of Tito Sen and Helen Gamboa.

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Crixus is the two-year-old son of Ciara Sotto.

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Meanwhile, among Vic's four children, only two are married.

Danica, his eldest with Dina Bonnevie, has two children—Caela and Mic—with cager Marc Pingris.

Oyo, on the other hand, has four kids with wife Kristine Hermosa.

Dre is the only girl in Oyo's family. She is five years old.

The eldest, Kuya Kiel, was featured in Kristine's commercial for a milk brand. He is a bright boy.

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Kaleb is currently obsessed with walis. He is a cutie and so funny.


The youngest Marvic was named after his lolo. He was born on November 5, 2016.

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We won't be surprised if some of them will be joining showbiz. Let's all wait and see.





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