Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis, Kathryn Bernardo top list of 10 most followed female celebrities on Twitter

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With Anne Curtis as the most followed female celebrity on Instagram and Angel Locsin as the most liked on Facebook, who is the most followed local female celebrity on Twitter?

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has changed the way people voice out their opinions online.

Netizens have been challenged to articulate their thoughts and opinions in a brief and concise manner, specifically in 140 characters or less.

For celebrities, the social media site's interactive feature has brought them closer to their fans and followers, and has added immensely to their influential power.

With Anne Curtis as the most followed female celebrity on Instagram and Angel Locsin as the most liked on Facebook, here are the top ten most followed female celebrities who are active on Twitter.

The rankings were based on figures gathered on March 16.

Lea Salonga: 4,109,929 followers

Everyone knows how vocal Lea can get online, and people have loved how unapologetic she can be with her opinions regarding hot issues.

But apart from that, we adore Lea’s passion for her craft and how she never gets tired fangirling over her favorite things.


Iya Villania-Arellano: 4,214,346 followers

The new mom keeps us updated with her mommy adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

In between, she thanks her fans for sending out positive energy through their tweets.

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Maine Mendoza: 4,380,326 followers

The best part about Twitter is the “retweet.”

For celebrities, retweeting their fans’ tweets is a quick and thoughtful way of showing their appreciation.

In between her tweets about her day, Maine often retweets her fans and their LOL-tastic posts.

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Cristine Reyes-Khatibi: 4,550,271 followers

While her Facebook account doubles as a platform to promote her new businesses, Twitter is Cristine’s way of updating her followers about her daily activities and work projects.

The actress also tweets out some inspirational quotes.

KC Concepcion: 5,173,801 followers

KC gives us bits of her opinions about everything under the sun.

But most importantly, Twitter is her main vehicle for engaging netizens and keeping them talking about crucial issues, such as world hunger.


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Bianca Gonzales-Intal: 6,010,698 followers

True to her Twitter bio, the celebrity mom and advocate is a storyteller at heart.

From quick thoughts about her work as a host or her learnings from motherhood, Bianca uses Twitter to its full advantage to share her knowledge.

Yeng Constantino: 6,387,551 followers

The rockstar princess undoubtedly has a strong following across the three major social media platforms.

Similar to the nature of her Facebook and Instagram accounts, her Twitter keeps fans updated about her projects.

At the same time, Yeng is able to reply to fans’ touching tweets to her.

Kathryn Bernardo: 6,718,542 followers

In between her tweets about her endorsements, Kathryn would sometimes tweet out random thoughts about her day.

Anne Curtis: 8,468,777 followers

No one mixes work and pleasure better than Anne does in her social media accounts.

The It’s Showtime host constantly retweets posts from her fans and leaves them short messages to show her appreciation for them.


Angel Locsin: 8,587,760 followers

Alongside Anne, Angel is one of the most influential celebrities online to date.

The actress started her Twitter account as a “community effort” with the Philippine National Red Cross. That’s why her Twitter handle is @143redangel.

“143” is actually Red Cross’s hotline number and not “I Love You” as people initially thought.

Angel expressed her heartfelt thanks to her followers on Instagram last January 20 when her social media accounts hit big numbers.





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