Elevator Girl is now your friendly Escalator Girl

IMAGE SM Supermalls Facebook

Cheridel "Cherry" Alejandro first became the famous "Elevator Girl" on social media  before entering the Pinoy Big Brother in 2014.

Remember the “Elevator Girl”?

Prior to becoming a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: All In back in 2014, Cheridel “Cherry” Alejandro made the rounds on social media as the bubbly “Elevator Girl” of a shopping mall in Olongapo the previous year.

A beloved town celebrity, Cherry became famous for her cheery greeting and charming way of responding to the shoppers’ queries in a singsong voice.

Almost four years later since her first viral video, Cherry is back.

Elevator Girl takes over the escalator to remind the shoppers about this simple escalator etiquette: "Stand on the right, walk on the left."

Through different disguises, Cherry “lovingly” touches the arm of the shoppers who are on the wrong side of the escalator, and reminds them in her singsong voice.

The video has reached over three million views and 68,000 comments on Facebook.

Check it out below: 


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