Inah de Belen from makeup artist to artista

IMAGE Inah Estrada on Instagram

Inah de Belen Estrada used to work as a makeup artist for Jing Monis Salon. After her internship, she was able to hone her skills by doing the makeup of her close celebrity friends.

Prior to following in the footsteps of her parents, Inah de Belen tried her hand at being a makeup artist.

Before she became a full-fledged actress, the 25-year-old daughter of Janice de Belen and John Estrada used to work under the supervision of Jing Monis, renowned celebrity makeup stylist and owner of Jing Monis Salon.

Jing Monis Salon is known as one of the top hairstyling and makeup salons in the Philippines.

Asked how long she worked with him, Inah recalled, "Sobrang iksi lang, I think mga seven months lang yata."

"Nung time na yun, nag-makeup ako for fashion shows, nag-makeup for a photo shoot with celebrities, and nag-makeup ako for my clients."

During her internship period with her "Tito Jing," the Kapuso talent learned a lot, and to this day, she remains thankful for her very enriching experience. 

She gleefully recounted, "Lahat naaral ko talaga, like what you have to do kapag puffy yung eyes mo, anong concealer yung kailangan kapag may redness yung face mo, anong kulay dapat na ilagay, so alam ko lahat yun."


The celebrity teener added, "Actually, ang ginagawa ko if I'm not working as an artista, I have friends who call me, 'Inah, can you do my makeup kasi ganyan-ganyan.' 'Okay, go.'"

She also admitted doing her own makeup for some media events. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with Inah at the Revlon Professional PH event held last May 25 at the Chaos Superclub, City of Dreams in Parañaque City.


How long does it take her to do her own look?

"Mga one hour to one hour and thirty, depende kapag nagmamadali.

"Depende talaga sa pupuntahan mo and yung make up gagawin mo," she said.

Unlike most girls who love to do their eyebrows, Inah likes to do her contour, emphasizing, "Makeup is not complete without contour."

She jested, "Dati, kilay is life talaga, pero ngayon, mas okay na sa 'kin walang kilay, basta contour na lang talaga."


Asked for some encouraging words for aspiring makeup artists, the young actress advised, "They should continue doing what they're doing kasi yung beauty business, it won't die down talaga.

"It's a good profession and kita mo naman sa social media, ang daming gumagawa ng mga videos, yung one-minute [tutorials]."

"If I could do something like that, I would talaga."


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