Lauren Young: "I will wear swimsuit, and to hell with bashers."

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Lauren Young is happy and proud to say that she's back to wearing swimsuits: "All you have to do is be confident, happy, and everything else will follow."

Social media have indeed redefined the way people live.

In the case of celebrities, Lauren Young agreed that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes, have put extra pressure on them to always look good.

But even ordinary people, she said, are “exposed.”

“Everyone who have followers and friends, even if you're a student, your someone’s daughter, you’re not working or just hanging out with friends, we all share updates…

“And I think social media has its perks, social media have disadvantages.

“On how it’s going to work for your, it's really up to you.”

Lauren herself has had her share of bashing, but she wouldn't let it affect her.

At an event of Watsons, she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Like what happened to me, I gained weight, I lost weight, and some people still didn’t see.

“Parang hindi na sila naka-move on because makikitid ang utak nila.”

The Kapuso actress has resolved to ignore the bashers, “If you're going to allow yourself to be ridiculed, allow criticism to affect you, and yes it will have big impact on you.”

“Ignore,” she stressed. “Don't comment on your Instagram, just delete it. As simple as that.

“I mean I have so many things to do, and it's gonna take my energy to answer to back this person, so why would I waste my time?

“Instead, I'll use that energy and just focus on myself.”

Just before the summer ended, Lauren was proud about her feat: “I bought my first pair of swimsuit in a year.”

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The younger sister of Miss World 2013 Megan Young explained, “This is kinda big deal to me, especially that I love going to the beach.

“Almost every weekend yata, nasa beach ako.

“Before, I wear shirt, shorts.

“And then I was able to wear a swimsuit without cover up, and I was just proud because I have been working hard, and finally started seeing the benefits.”


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Make no mistake, “I will wear swimsuit if I want to, and to hell with bashers,” Lauren asserted.

She emphasized that she may not be what most people would call “sexy.”

“I don't have abs, I don't have perfect body.

“You don't have a perfect body? All you have to do is be confident, happy, and everything else will follow.”

Smiling, she revealed her swimwear size, “I got a medium, hindi na ako extra large.”

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