Here's why Karylle wants future kid to be like Solenn Heussaff

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Karylle admits that one of the biggest challenges she and her husband Yael Yuzon face as a couple is household management.

One of the biggest challenges Karylle and husband Yael Yuzon face as a couple is managing a household.

"Being both artists, it was our biggest challenge as a couple because it's just the two of us at home," Karylle told (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a recent home exhibit in Shangri-La Mall.

"So, we had to learn how to manage it ourselves…I think as a couple, we learned it together."

The daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla admitted that household chores weren’t something she did growing up, which is why managing a household proves to be quite a task for her.

So when Karylle eventually has a kid of her own, she figured it would be best to teach the child early on about household management.

In fact, the It's Showtime host wants her kid to be a bit like Solenn Heussaff.

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Why Solenn?

She told PEP, "I always cite Solenn.

"Like I'm sure she wasn't brought up like other Pinay girls na we weren't taught—at least for my generation, a lot of my peers, we didn't grow up doing a lot of chores…

“So, looking at her, I also ask her kasi it's just the two of them at home.

"She does the cleaning, and if you check her Instagram, she's always cooking before taping.

"So parang, when people tell me it's tiring, I say, 'Yeah, because we weren't brought up that way.’

"So, ako, gusto ko kapag nagpalaki ako ng kid, parang Solenn. Yung parang hindi siya mapapagod.

"Kapag tanda niya na, marunong na siya sa bahay, sa kusina."

But as of the moment, Karylle is still set on learning how to do household chores herself.

"That's why also [Yael and I] didn't want to have kids at first. Parang we wanted to both enjoy, adjust, and learn things together as a couple."






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