Dianne Medina relates struggles of 10-year relationship

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Dianne Medina and Rodjun Cruz became a couple on July 23, 2007. She says now, "[You] just have to find that right person na deserve kang saktan paulit-ulit kasi siya yung napili mo. Medyo martir yung mantra, yung motto namin, pero yun... And lagi namin iniisip... yung greater lagi, yung love kaysa dun sa mga bad times."

Relationships were never designed to be easy, especially ones that blossom in the world of showbiz.

That’s why when Rodjun Cruz finally proposed to Dianne Medina last October 10, people were amazed to learn that the engagement was ten years in the making.

For her part, Dianne admitted that the long wait has gotten her a bit anxious.

“Parang ikaw, as a babae, parang you’re worried. Mas lalo na that I’m not getting any younger,” the actress told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during a phone interview with this writer last October 14.

“I’m thirty already, so parang nandun yung, ‘Ano bang plano nito?’

“May inaantay ba ako or kailangan ko ba mag-ultimatum sa kanya?

“So, it’s nice to know that he proposed and that he has plans.

“May direction din relationship namin.”

Dianne and Rodjun were both 19 years old when they became a couple in 2007.


Committing to a relationship at that age, the actress-host knew that it was not without problems, “Naging kami nineteen years old lang, so imagine yung natali kami sa isa’t-isa.

“We didn’t get the chance to really explore other things like dating.

“Wala na talaga yun, cut na talaga.”

The first three years were difficult for the couple; they were bombarded with typical showbiz buzz.

“May time nun, kalahati [nung relationship], feeling ko immature… First three years, selos ako…

“May selosan, may mali-link sa kanya. Yung usual problem ng relationship.”

Dianne and Rodjun made the extra effort to go to couple counseling sessions to strengthen their relationship.

CHRIST AT THE CENTER. Looking back, Dianne said, “Promise, hindi siya madali," referring to their relationship.

It helped that both of them are religious.

The 30-year-old actress said, “We always pray the rosary together. We always go to the adoration chapel to spend time with our Lord Jesus Christ.


“We make sure we have time for Him.

“We made sure that we center Christ in our relationship.

“He’s our foundation.”

Keeping it strong must also be a joint effort.

“That’s the most important thing,” Dianne said.

“Kung gusto talaga namin i-push ito at mag-succeed yung relationship, we have to fight for it… kasi dalawang tao lang yun, e.

“Two brave persons…

“Through ups and downs talaga magkasama kami, and we didn’t give up.”

NEEDS AND WANTS. In a compatibility test that the couple took during one of their counseling sessions, Dianne learned that she and Rodjun both asked for a “supportive partner.”

“Isang need pala [ni Rodjun] is parang more of praising him.

“Gusto niya binu-boost yung self-esteem niya.

“As a partner, dapat supportive ka…

“Happy ako kasi supportive kami of each other, most especially sa career.

“Kung kailangan gawin ito, go lang.


“Never ako nag-bawal sa kanya.

“As in supportive talaga ako sa work.”

She also pointed out the need to have their own lives within the relationship.

“We make sure na may kanya-kanya kaming buhay.

“Kung aalis siya, hindi niya kailangan magpaalam. He can just say it. Hindi kami nag-a-ask permission.

“Never check each other’s phones…

“Hindi namin sinasakal isa’t-isa, kasi nangyari na sa amin yun, e. Nagsakalan to the point na naging toxic.

“So ang dami namin natutunan all throughout the relationship, and we could say it’s really worth it.”

LOVE MANTRA.  Dianne and Rodjun's description of true love was not solely about the happy times.

As Dianne told PEP.ph, “Mantra nga namin ni Rodjun is you have to find the right person who would deserve ng love mo kasi wala namang assurance.

“Kung lilipat ka sa ibang relationship, mahu-hurt ka rin naman, e.


“So you just have to find that right person na deserve kang saktan paulit-ulit kasi siya yung napili mo.

“Medyo martir yung mantra, yung motto namin, pero yun.”

Despite their shortcomings as a couple, Dianne had always managed to look past the mistakes of Rodjun because she “chose Rodjun.”

“Siya yung napili kong deserving of my love and yung love niya for me.

“Kahit saktan niya ako paulit-ulit, lagi kong iniisip lahat ng mistakes ni Rodjun sa past… I love him more than his mistakes. More than sa hindi maganda.

“And lagi namin iniisip na… yung greater lagi, yung love kaysa dun sa mga bad times.”

By the time they hit the seventh mark of their relationship, Dianne felt that her bond with Rodjun had grown mature.

“I can say ah, hanggang seven years yung talagang mahirap.

“After nung seventh year, parang sobrang smooth sailing.

“Happy lagi. Secured na sa relationship.

“Nag-mature na kaming pareho.”


WORTH IT. Asked why the proposal took them long enough, Dianne simply remarked, “Ako, I believe talaga in God’s own perfect time.

“So, siguro inayos muna kami kasi ang daming issues nga din.

“Talagang in His own manner, purpose, and reason.”

What kind of wife would Dianne aim to be?

“Siyempre, yung best wife, na sana alagaan ko siya, lahat yung needs niya, supportive wife.

“Alam natin hindi magiging madali yun, but I’m aiming na sana mabigay ko yung deserve niya na love as a wife.”

Dianne and Rodjun plan to have a “festive” Christmas wedding in December 2019.

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