Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia say marriage helped them mature

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Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer value their time for each other and most especially for their children Kendra (middle), Scarlett (right), and Gavin.

Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia-Kramer have been together for 14 years. 

Both the cager and the celebrity mom admit their relationship has made each of them a better person.

During a short interview with a small group of reporters at Team Kramer's latest endorsement deal, Cheska was the first to react when (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked how their relationship helped them change for the better.

"Hay nako, for me, I have such a strong personality. Nako," the mother of three said.

"But you know what, I've learned that there's really blessing in a marriage.

"Yung mga immature ways, when you get married, talagang you're able to settle them."

The presence of their kids—Kendra, 8, Scarlett, 5, and Gavin, 4—in their lives has helped the couple see each other as a partner and companion.

"I look at my husband na kasi in a different light," the 37-year-old mom remarked. 

"He's my partner, he's my companion.

"So for me, it has really matured me in many, many ways."

For Doug, the marriage and the family have guided him to properly prioritize and value his role as a family man.

"I value my time with everything…" Doug said.

" I have to work with everything, so that's why it's hard.

"But you know, it's [a] challenge that I accept and I love."

SETTLING ARGUMENTS. Doug and Cheska don't hide the fact that just like any couple, they have their own share of bickers and quarrels.

She pointed out, "Yeah, we have arguments. Lahat naman ng mag-asawa, di ba?


"Kung magkaibigan nga may arguments, ano pa kaya mag-asawa?"

When disagreements arise between them, they make the extra effort of resolving matters before the day ends.

"Literally at the end of the day, we make sure we resolve it," said the 34-year-old basketball veteran.

He continued, "We've been together since 2003, married since 2008, and no matter what disagreements we have…we don't ever want a gap, a day, or two days that we don't talk.

"Hindi uso sa amin yun.

"We resolve it, we apologize who needs to apologize…"

Doug and Cheska make the deliberate decision of talking things thoroughly and honestly with each other.

She added, "When Doug and I talk about issues that maybe I get sensitive over something, and then I did not address whatever he was telling me, we really tell whatever it is that we feel…

"And then after that, we apologize to each other, then we really reconcile."

Once the issue has been settled, they said, they never let it become a problem again.

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