This app can make you look younger and thinner

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(L-R) Yasmien Kurdi and Aiko Melendez try a filter on the Chinese photo-editing app Pitu, and uploads the finished product on their Instagram accounts.

Social media has been flooded with selfies from a Chinese photo-editing app called Pitu, which uses a face-recognition technology.

Pitu transfers a user's facial features to existing template—from historical Chinese figures to students to athletes, among many others.

The app also has several photo-enhancement capabilities including jaw line and cheek slimming, different filters, and eye enlarger.

Local celebrities have jumped on the Pitu bandwagon and tried the app's features.

TV host-comedian John Lapus unleashed his inner Chinese goddess after a day of pampering.

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He also turned into an "oppa," making his resemblance with Korean actor Jang Ki Yong a lot more uncanny.

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Yasmien Kurdi teased her fans and wrote, "May bago po akong pelikula..."

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The GMA-7 actress also tried it with her husband, Rey Soldevilla, and both of them looked like lead stars of a Chinese drama series.

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Former Wildflower star Aiko Melendez unleashed her "Japanese side" using the Pitu app.


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Actress Carmi Martin tried using different filters on Pitu and uploaded it on her Facebook account.

She wrote, "Maki-in nga sa Pitu app na yan! Hahaha Happy Sunday."

Veteran actor Pen Medina used one as his profile picture on Facebook.

Pen had a lot of fun and uploaded over 40 photos he took using the app.

The app currently has 10 million downloads, but FHM Philippines warned, " requires a lot of information before you can start using it."

And once you install it, it "has access to all the apps that are currently running on your smartphone, your browsing history, and even your bookmarked websites.

"It also tracks whenever you make a call (and if someone calls you).

"Plus, it has access to your mobile’s microphone for unknown reasons as well."


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