Dimples Romana keeps more than 50 medals she received as a student

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Dimples Romana excelled in science, math, writing, and speech. Her proud parents were able to keep all the medals she brought home during her grade school and high school education. 

Dimples Romana earned praises from her followers when she posted on Instagram a photo of her medals, which she received throughout her grade school and high school education.

In the caption, Dimples revealed that most of them were from competitions in editorial writing, oratorical, and declamation.

The young Dimples then competed in interschool, district, division, municipal, regional, and up to national levels.

Dimples credited her parents and teachers' efforts in maximizing her potential.

She wrote, “I have not seen these for so long.

“These stand for not only how blessed I have been with my teachers who were very patient with me when I was in elementary and high school, but also the great influence my parents had on me as a child.

“How they encouraged me me to be a good student who loved learning at a young age and challenging my abilities in Math, Science, Writing and Speech.”


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Dimples recalled how her parents made sure she'd excel in school, while also taking care of her sister who then had leukemia.

She wrote, “My sister had a leukemia then and my parents were always out with my sister, but that didn’t stop them from taking their time to see where I excelled and inspiring me to reach for my full potential.”

The competitions came in handy when she joined beauty pageants and eventually entered showbiz.

“Little did I know that all the learnings and trainings I took after school then would make a great contribution to the kind of person I will be as an adult.”

“I trusted my parents’ guidance and joined every competition I could when I was in school, competed on interschool levels, district, division, municipal, regional and even national for both editorial writing and oratorical and declamation. All of which I get to utilize through my hosting and acting now.”


Her more than 50 medals also serve as a reminder for Dimples to become a good parent to her children, and support them in their endeavors.

“Seeing all these moves me to encourage my own children to be the best they can be. Shaping their God given gifts is my top priority.  And we do this by providing our kids proper nutrition, proper care, and proper parenting.”


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