Jinkee Pacquiao and Janet Jamora's Instagram feeds are also twins

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Twins Jinkee Pacquiao and Janet Jamora have identical Instagram feeds!

If you're among the almost one million followers of Jinkee Pacquiao, you can easily deduce that she's God-fearing, a hands-on family woman, a fashionista who loves luxury brands, and a frequent traveler.

Now if you chance upon her twin Janet Jamora's feed, the look and treatment are very much like Jinkee's.

Do they have the same photographer? Are their feeds curated by  the same person? Because their photos and captions are nearly identical.

First let's take a look at Jinkee's posts. The wife of Senator Manny Pacquiao likes quoting Biblical verses...

...and posting motivational quotes.

This one reads: "God is saying to you today, 'Release the worry. Release the stress. I promise I will work out My plan for your life.'"

Jinkee does not also run out of gratitude posts, where she usually use her opulent surroundings as backdrop.

She writes, "Grateful for a new day, Lord. Light my way and walk with me. #ThankyouLORDfortoday"

And before her family attends their church's Sunday service, she would post a customary photo taken at their mansion's doorstep.

From time to time, she would show snippets of her life as a mom.

Here's a "kiss mama" moment with her youngest Isaiah.

This one's her bonding session with eldest son Jimuel in Timezone, a multi-attraction family entertainment center...

She accompanied this photo with a touching caption: "Sana kahit mag-asawa ka na pagdating ng panahon ganito pa rin tayo, Kuya Jimuel!"

The 39-year-old mom also chronicles the highlights of their travels.

This was her recent food shot when she and Manny spent some "quality time" in Hong Kong.


"Standing tall" with the PETRONAS Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia...

Of course, since fashion is among her passions, a week doesn't go by without OOTD posts and shoefies.

She styles herself, does not mention the luxury brands she wears, and seldom repeats outfits.

In this photo, she was clad in Gucci stamp silk shirt worth $2,500 and pants worth $1,300.

Her handbag was an Hermes Kelly.

She got her leopard and glitter pumps from Miu Miu.

Now look! Janet regularly posts Biblical verses and quotes, too.

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She also takes a "church day" photo with her family—husband Steve “Tibo” Jumalo, son Mond, and daughter Ella.

Yup, a door is oftentimes a part of their background.

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Janet's IG also shows that she's like a barkada to her grown-up children.

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And wherever Jinkee goes, Janet is most likely there.

Here's Janet's food shot during their recent trip to Hong Kong.

Most certainly, these twin mommas are inseparable.

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She also had a wefie with the PETRONAS Twin Towers.

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In the fashion department, Janet also has an impressive bag collection, and is a big fan of Hermes just like her twin.

A post shared by Janet Jamora (@janetjamora) on

A post shared by Janet Jamora (@janetjamora) on

But unlike Jinkee who seems to have a no-brand-mention rule for her feed, Janet answers some followers who inquire about the brands of her dresses.

Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana and Spanish fashion retailer Zara seem to be her favorites.

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She is also her own stylist, and sometimes gets a thumbs up from the senator's wife.

For this OOTD, Jinkee remarked, "Nice na imong outfit karun! Good choice!"


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