Myrtle Sarrosa flies to Thailand to compete in international gaming contest

IMAGE Rose Garcia

Myrtle Sarrosa is part of Team Philippines that will compete in the inaugural Omen by HP Challenger Series. "I really didn't expect that from playing video games like PUBG for fun na I'm suddenly flying to Thailand to represent Team Philippines."

Kapamilya star Myrtle Sarrosa is flying to Thailand today, November 1, to compete in a popular PC and mobile game called Player Unknown Battleground or PUBG.

The competition is called Omen by HP Challenger Series, and Myrtle will play alongside fellow Pinoy challengers called AETHER DOGZ.

Top players and influencers from Asia Pacific countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Philippines will all vie for the top prize, which is $20,000 or PHP1 million.

Myrtle is the first celebrity to join in this type of competition. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) caught up with the actress-cosplayer via Facebook Messenger, and she relayed her excitement about this opportunity.

"I’m honestly really nervous and excited for the upcoming eSports tournament," she began.

"I really didn’t expect that from playing video games like PUBG for fun na I’m suddenly flying to Thailand to represent Team Philippines for an international eSports competition like the Omen Challenger Series.”


People are often surprised to know that Myrtle is a gamer. In fact, Myrtle loves to play online and mobile games whenever she has the free time, and there are instances when she would play throughout the night until the sun rises.

She said, “Not much people know this but gamer talaga ago. Kung papapiliin ako, lumabas, mag-party o mag-stay sa bahay, mas gusto ko sa bahay na lang to play. 

“Like after shooting or work, I spend most of my time playing PC games and mobile games and play hanggang may araw na.” 

She continued, “So a month ago, I joined the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge with a team I formed from my clan, but failed to get in the SEA finals. After not qualifying, Omen by HP reached out to me and invited me to join the Team Philippines in the upcoming PUBG Tournament, the Omen by HP Challenger Series. 


“And, of course, tinanggap ko yung challenge. 

“I really didn’t expect the opportunities that would come with being a gamer.” 

Myrtle said being a gamer is not easy, and proper preparation is needed when joining an eSport competition. A lot of great players are laser-focused in their games.

She noted, “Since gaming is an eSport, it’s really competitve. You really have to train yourself to make sure you keep up with the other countries.

“Like here sa competition, we’re going against gamers from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia and other countries from the Asia Pacific. 

“So yung pressure is from playing for fun and leisure ay suddenly you gotta be more strategic, more competitive and the pressure to win for your team, and also since we’re the only team qualified for Philippines.”

Even if she knows how intense the competition is, she still wants to enjoy her first time joining the contest. She also wishes that the eSports industry will be more recognized in the country. 


“I’m excited to meet the other gamers from the other countries and also play with the best players from the Philippines. I really hope na through this makilala lalo yung eSports industry sa Philippines.”


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