KC Concepcion remembers Lola Elaine Cuneta's death anniversary

IMAGE @itskcconcepcion on Instagram

One of KC Concepcion's last photos with her Mita Elaine, who died due to internal bleeding and complications from abdominal surgery.

KC Concepcion recently commemorated the fourth death anniversary of her grandmother, Elaine Cuneta.

The date coincided with her French beau PEP Plassart's visit to the country.

From their "little quiet time" in The Farm at San Benito, Lipa, Batangas...

...they checked in at the Conrad Manila, where, according to PEP, they had a "too beautiful" view of "Manila sunsets over the bay."

KC turned nostalgic, and remembered her Lola Elaine, whom she fondly calls "Mita."

The celebrity's grandfather Pablo Cuneta served as Pasay's city mayor from 1988 to 1998.

On Instagram, the daughter of Sharon Cuneta wrote, "You used to show me the view of the sea from our airplane window every time we would fly together. You always said, 'look at the sharks!' even if we were so high up in the air I really believed I saw their fins peeping from the waters.

"I spent 2 days in Pasay City in memory of you, Mita. I know you loved this city and the people of Pasay so very much. There was no place else I wanted to be this year for your death anniversary. To celebrate your life I wanted to be surrounded by beauty.


"I miss you beyond words & think of you with sooo much joy EVERYDAY. I love you Mitamits!!! Look at this view!!! So pretty! I know if you were here you would call me by the window to come and see. #ElaineCuneta"

She posted another photo, and captioned, "Don’t have to go far to get a good view! Clear blue skies over Manila Bay"


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