How Beauty Gonzalez's husband Norman Crisologo shuns "beauty and the beast" jokes

Beauty Gonzalez was called "gold-digger" and Norman Crisologo was "dirty old man" in talks that circulated when their relationship became known in 2015. They are now happily married and doting parents of a two-year-old daughter.

For the first time, Norman Crisologo joined his wife Beauty Gonzalez in this conversation about their relationship.

It was the first time they appeared together to talk about their private life.

What changed?

Feeling a bit nervous, Norman said he now has the confidence to face the public, thanks to Beauty's tips.

He said, "I'm just trying to get some artista vibes para hindi ako magmukhang sira."

Beauty threw in, "Siyempre first time niya so ayun, but he did a very good job."

Among the topics were the negative comments they received when they became a couple.

Norman recounted the ”beauty and the beast" jokes about them, and being called "D.O.M." (dirty old man).

Beauty, for her part, was tagged a "gold digger" when she first opened up about her relationship with Norman in March 2015.

They got married two years later in an intimate wedding ceremony in Tagaytay.


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Both encouraged other couples to be proud of their relationship, and just ignore the negative comments.

She said, "Ngayon kasi, mas grabe na yung bashing with all [the] technology we have right now.

"Just don't read them. Don't be scared kasi if you're living na natatakot ka, hindi mo ma-e-enjoy yung beauty of love."

He added, “If you ignore them… They'll get sick of it and find somebody else that they can bash."


After all, there are far more important things that they need to face as a married couple.

He said, “It's hard enough when you have your own problems, don't listen na to others; fix yourself na lang.

"When you love each other, then everybody will just... follow."

Beauty averred, “At saka if they see naman kung happy kayong dalawa, they'll be happy for you na rin, e." (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed Beauty and Norman at the Close Up Free To Love campaign launch last Wednesday, November 14.


Beauty and Norman are hands-on parents to Olivia Ines.

On Tuesday, November 13, Beauty wrote on Instagram, "One day you will grow up, you will have a mind of your own, you will be tall, beautiful and sexy.

"And I know one day we will have many disagreements, we will argue and fight over the silliest things, we will not speak to each other for days, and perhaps one day we will go our separate ways.


"But not today, today you are my little girl, my chubby little angel, my life, and I’m gonna hold on to you as close as I can and for as long as I can. @luisruizzzz"

The 27-year-old celebrity mom also thanked her husband for taking care of their daughter every time she's out to work.


Beauty told, “He's the best dad and the best husband talaga.

"Mahirap kasi makakita ng lalaki na, nagwo-work ako and you know naman yung schedule natin.

"He keeps my life balanced and every thing else."

For his part, Norman said, "I'm kinda semi-retired, so I'm always at home, I can do whatever for our baby."

Are they planning baby number two?

Not yet, Beauty said, "For now, I'm quite busy with my work.”

Norman concurred, “May contract so hindi pa puwede."


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