Ylona Garcia not afraid to show beauty flaws on social media

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Ylona Garcia reminds her followers on social media to be true to themselves, and that's what she loves about reality TV stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner: "I love how they're just honestly being themselves."

In this age of curated social media feeds, Ylona Garcia believes that one should not be afraid of showing one's true self.

She said, "To all those people, girl or boy, women or men, anyone really...

"I want to be an example of someone who isn't shy with who and what they are, and the mistakes that they make.

"With what they look like with all their pimples and acne, it's totally fine. It is human.

"I mean, in social media, people try to put up their best or show nothing at all, you know.

"And I just wanna show people that you really shouldn't care."

Consistent with her belief, Ylona also has been showing her bare face on her Instagram account.

Not that the Kapamilya teen star disliked wearing makeup.

She told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal),  "Less is more, yeah.

"But it doesn't mean that makeup isn't fun.


"I love putting on makeup because it makes me feel good.

 "It doesn't make me feel like all my insecurities are covered. It's not just that.

"Because, you know, we should all be proud of the way we are and I am. 

"It's better when you enhance it in a way. And that's what makeup does for me.

"It enhances the features that we already have and, you know, it creates a lot more fun."


The 16-year-old actress-performer and former Pinoy Big Brother housemate chatted with PEP.ph after the launch of Kendall + Kylie, the clothing line of sisters and reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner. 

The launch was held at Case Study Atelier in Bonifacio Global City on Thursday, December 6.

Kendall and Kylie have become role models of sorts for Ylona, "I love how they're just honestly being themselves.

"I love how they handled fame. They grew up in the spotlight. And they were going through what normal teenagers go through, but in the limelight."


The Jenner sisters grew up in front of the cameras as part of the reality TV series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kendall is now a fashion model, while Kylie has a growing beauty business empire.

Ylona added, "So you have that type of pressure, but they're handling it really well and that's what I admire.

"I love their style and they're both so different. That's what makes me love them more."

And more so because, "I love their bags, their bags are killer," she exclaimed.

Kendall + Kylie Philippines brand director Manolette Tizon revealed to PEP.ph in a separate interview that Filipinos take up a huge percentage of Kendal and Kylie's followers on Instagram.

According to him, "Everybody loves Kendall and Kylie, it's safe to say, and one of biggest followers of Kendall and Kylie in their Instagram account are actually Filipinos."

Tizon said further it was one of the reasons they decided to bring the brand to Manila, "Big chunk of their over 200 million followers are Filipinos."


He added, "We have observed that the fashion trend is now easily accepted by the local market unlike ten, fifteen years ago.

"They're a bit apprehensive of what's coming out but then again, with social media, the world becomes smaller.

"So people now are embracing styles."

Aside from Ylona, other celebrities who attended the launch included Barbie Imperial...

... Bela Padilla, and Mayton Eugenio.


Nikko Tuazon is a lifestyle writer with a strong interest in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and music. Connect with him on Instagram at @mrnikkotuazon.


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