Andi Eigenmann on Ellie's short hair: "My daughter STILL IS beautiful"

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Ellie Eigenmann currently sports a short hairdo, making some netizens woeful that she got rid of her "beautiful hair." But mom Andi Eigenmann wants these people to unlearn that way of thinking: "My daughter STILL IS beautiful."

Andi Eigenmann took to Instagram to answer back strangers questioning her daughter Ellie's haircut.

Early in the year, Andi posted a series of Instagram Stories saying Ellie chose to cut off her long locks and sport a shorter hairdo

Jake Ejercito, Ellie's dad and Andi's former partner, posted about his daughter's haircut through his Instagram Stories as well.

Both parents appear to fully support Ellie's hairstyle choice.

Still, it would seem some netizens felt the need to question Ellie's change of hairdo.

For them, and a lot of other people, Ellie's long hair was "so beautiful."

Other seemed to think that the haircut hinted at the seven-year-old's gender identity.

In an Instagram post dated March 13, Andi posted a photo of Ellie wearing a cap.

The young celebrity mom then spoke up in the caption, pointing out that hair length does not determine a person's beauty.

Andi also revealed she wants Ellie to grow up comfortable and confident with who she is, and people should respect that.


Her full post read, "She discovered a new fashion staple for herself today! You look great, @ellieeigengurl!      

"Been receiving so much comments from strangers asking me what happened to Ellie's hair, assuming that it has something to do with her gender identity, or simply telling me how much of a waste it was to cut her hair of because 'she was so beautiful'.

"My daughter STILL IS beautiful, and no matter how much she will change through time, she always will be. Because it was never her long hair that made her look good.

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes. But it saddens me how people (specially other women) are making me feel like Ellie cannot feel or be beautiful just because of her hair.

"I am trying to raise a child that is comfortable in her own skin.

"That is confident in being true to who she is, regardless of what others may think.


"As a mother though, it gets scary for me to raise my child around people who think this way.

"Why can't we just learn to support and encourage other women to be confident, and strong, and to stay true to who they are, rather than bringing them down for being this way?

"Whoever said that there is a hair length requirement for beauty? They're bonkers."


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