Beauty Gonzalez and Norman Crisologo do not spank daughter Olivia

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(Left frame, L-R) Norman Crisologo and Beauty Gonzalez avoids spanking their daughter Olivia when she misbehaves: "Pareho kami ni Beauty na hindi masyado strict masyado, so sometimes medyo nawa-wild siya. Pero we're learning to be ano... We don't spank her naman, we practice yung standing in the corner or quiet time, ganun."

Beauty Gonzalez and husband Norman Crisologo ensure that their three-year-old daughter Olivia achieves her full potential by feeding her curiosity.

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via phone call, Norman said they nurture their daughter's curiosity by joining her go through the process.

Norman told, "Curious din kasi ako so I totally undrestand na ano... even Beauty is very curious, so sabay-sabay kami na makulit. No big adjustment needed."

This is also the stage when toddlers get too "makulit."

According to Norman, he and his wife take extra effort to demonstrate patience every time their daughter misbehaves.

One thing they avoid doing is spanking their child when she gets naughty.

Norman explained, "Pareho kami ni Beauty na hindi masyado strict masyado, so sometimes medyo nawa-wild siya.

"Pero we're learning to be ano... We don't spank her naman, we practice yung standing in the corner or quiet time, ganun.


"We're starting to learn. Kami naturally, hindi kami strikto na type, e.

"Hindi kami palasigaw o palapalo, ganun. We're really just trying to talk it out and talk to her yung dapat hindi gagawin.

"And little by little, nakikinig naman."


Aside from learning new things about their daughter, Norman also discovers new things about himself as a father.

He revealed, "I think I'm learning the usual na patience, understanding, and kasi it takes 18 years to make palaki a kid so you need patience."

Patience is definitely one thing a parent should learn and develop during their child's toddler stage.

Norman also believes in setting a good example.

"I'm the older one so kailangan ako yung mas patient talaga.

"Although, kahit na sometimes impatient, and gusto ko mabilisan at ayokong, you know...

"I'm also impatient. but that's one thing you really have to learn.

"As the older person in the family, kailangan ako yung magli-lead by example."


He also sees Olivia as an extention of his own life.

"I think it's a form of immortality. Parang when you see your kids then you see something of yourself.

"Parang that's a form of ano, e, you teach them well, and you show them the proper way to move in the world, parang it's like you... humahaba yung buhay mo.

"You get to become immortal through your kids."

EXPLORING TALENTS also asked Norman what he has discovered about Olivia now that she's three years old.

Olivia officially turned three last February 6.

"Mahilig siya mag-sayaw-sayaw whenever we play her favorite music.

"Definitely, I think she's gonna enjoy dancing and very athletic siya.

"Magaling tumakbo, umakyat, sumirko-sirko, wala siyang takot.

"So I guess she's more of a physical person for now."

Norman added that their daughter is a natural in front of camera.

"Tamang-tama, she just turned three. So she's starting to talk a bit more.


"And then, sinasay na rin namin mag-smile sa camera.

"At first, medyo guarded kasi you'll never know if biglang magkatopak, or biglang iiyak.

"So far she's adjusting well and wala, nakaka-proud talaga kasi ang cute talaga niya, e.

"I like it that we're doing something together."

The art curator is proud to have finally worked with her daughter on a project.

But still, Norman admits to feeling a little "out of place" with showbiz-related projects.

"Sobrang nakakatuwa kasi, siyempre I'm the unexpected person here," Norman said with regard to their family being launched as the newest endorsers of MoringaO2.

"Yung wife ko naman, expected na she does this kind of work.

"My daughter naman, super cute. Ako yung meydo out of place.

"Pero I think basta kasabay ko yung family, nakaka-proud and kakayanin ko na lang.

"I'm the outsider sa industry na 'yan, e, pero kaya naman."

He later added, "Yeah, I'm a bit older, and hindi ako kasing photogenic ng mag-ina ko, pero okay na rin."



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