Judy Ann Santos has an advice to daughter Yohan, who is mahilig sa guwapo

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Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have entered another stage as parents. Their daughter Yohan (right photo) is now a teenager. How open-minded are they?

Judy Ann Santos has yet to talk about crushes with her daughter Yohan, but she does have a reminder to her 14-year-old when it comes to boys.

The mother of three says, "Lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya na, 'Sweetheart, it doesn't mean that when they're guwapo, they're mabait, ha?'

"It's not always the complete package. There's always something behind that beautiful face.

"So, it's also nice not to like a person just because they look good. You have to really know them."

Does Yohan have a crush already?

Judy Ann answers in good humor, "Ay, for sure meron. Mahilig sa guwapo! Mabuti naman."


As Judy Ann opens up the topic about boys with Yohan, the celebrity mom is also inducting her daughter to the idea of courtship.

The ABS-CBN actress continues, "Sabi ko sa kanya, 'Ang trabaho ng lalake ay manligaw.

"Ang trabaho ng babae magpaligaw, so huwag na huwag mo gagawin yung trabaho ng lalake.'


"Kasi masarap maligawan, and, you know, you give them a hard time."

For Judy Ann, courtship is important because it reveals a person's true intentions.  

"Sabi ko sa kanya, 'You will know kung talagang clean yung intentions ng lalake sa iyo kapag sinabi mo you have to court me in two years.'

"They will court you for two years because they really like you and they really love you.

"Pero kung hindi... then it's not worth your time.

"Okay lang iyan, marami pa diyan, anak. Ilang bilyong tao nasa mundo, huwag kang mangarag na maubusan ka ng lalake." 


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