Krista Ranillo gives birth to fifth child

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Krista Ranillo, 37, has been married to her husband Nino Lim for nine years. They have five kids.

Former actress Krista Ranillo has given birth to a baby on April 30 (May 1, Manila Time), in California, U.S.A.

The newborn is Krista's fifth child with businessman husband Niño Lim, owner of Filipino supermarket chain Island Pacific Seafood Market in the States.

In one of her posts, she remarked, "My BFFs and I used to joke that in our group, I’d be a mom of five. Today I’m living that dream..."

Krista thanked everyone who prayed for the safe delivery of their youngest.

To her husband, she had a request.

“Stop asking me for more kids," was Krista's message for Nino, who celebrated his birthday last week.

She continued, “You are my life, my love, my strength and my weakness. I can’t imagine going through life without you.

"The words 'happiness' and 'true love' only made perfect sense to me because of you.

"Funny because I’ve always told myself I’d never marry anyone who is a Taurus (I’d hate to butt heads all the time) but here we are, nearly married for 9 years and expecting our fifth child together.


"Thank you for always giving it your best for the kids and I. We love and appreciate you more than you know!! Happy birthday to my Mr. Lim."

"PS. Please think of a different gift that you want for next year because you have to stop asking me for more kids!!"

Krista and Nino's eldest is eight-year-old Nate, followed by six-year-old Nolan, only girl Natalie who is five, and two-year-old Nash.

The couple is choosing between the names Nigel and Myles for their youngest. 


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