Sarah Lahbati says playtime boosts brain power of toddlers

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Sarah Lahbati on Baby Kai: "Kai is the happiest baby. He always has the biggest smile, has so much energy, and loves to explore and play."

Sarah Lahbati makes it a point to play outdoors with her two boys, Zion and Kai, because it is important to their brain development.

"They go to the park four to five times a week," she tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an e-mail exchange.

Sarah says, "Not that staying home is wrong, but I feel like it’s important for kids to be one with nature or at least have a walk in the park and play.

"We play with educational toys a lot and musical toys. I make sure to join my kids during playtime."

Sarah also shares on Instagram some tips to other moms on how to boost their baby's brain power.

"A simple thing like engaging baby in more physical activities and using better less lawlaw diapers can help them achieve their developmental milestones.

"More importantly, we need to do what’s better for baby’s movement and development and advocate for safe play spaces for toddlers, so that we can all prioritize babies’ healthy development!"



Motherhood, according to Sarah, has given her life a deeper meaning.

"Becoming a mother made me more loving, caring and stronger.

"Whatever move I make, I think about my kids first."

Sarah and partner, Richard Gutierrez, are hands-on parents; they've arranged their lives around Zion and Kai.

But even then, they acknowledge they need help as they are both working.

Sarah says she turns to her mom, Esther Lahbati, and her in-laws, Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez, for help.

She writes, "It’s not always easy but I’m grateful to have my mom’s help, my in-laws help as well as help at home for days when I’m at work and have to leave my kids with them."

When it comes to disciplining their children, the Starstuck V winner admits she is stricter than Richard.

"Both Chard and I help each other out and balance the work load, but I am definitely the disciplinarian."


Sarah says Kai, who has turned one, "is the happiest baby. He always has the biggest smile...

"So much energy and loves to explore and play."

And she is amazed at Zion at how well he takes care of his baby brother. 

Sarah gushes, "He’s loving and caring and always wants to protect Kai, to make sure he’s gonna be okay."

Sarah and Baby Kai were present at the launch of Pampers' new campaign called #BetterForBabies Movement on May 2, Thursday, at Rockwell, Makati City.

The campaign aims "to help give babies a world of unhindered play and movement, so they are free to learn and explore the world."


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