Andi Eigenmann reveals the only thing she wants to hear from Ellie when she grows up

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"As Ellie being my priority, I have to be mature enough to tell that these things need to go, this part of my life that don't do me any good," Andi Eigenmann says about being a mother.

“She is my top priority. It's not about me anymore.”

This was what Andi Eigenmann said when asked about the changes motherhood has brought to her life after giving birth to Ellie four years ago.

At the press conference of ABS-CBN's upcoming series The Greatest Love on July 14, she said, "I realized na even if it's important for me to be complete, and feel that I'm the best mom that I can be, it's important for me to make sure that I put her first."

Gone are the days when she can easily make choices in life without having to consider the consequences.

She said, “I cannot force things that cannot happen to my life anymore if it's not doing well for my surroundings.

As Ellie being my priority, I have to be mature enough to tell that these things need to go, this part of my life that don't do me any good.

Yun po ang nabago sa akin bilang ina.

"Kasi po, dumating po sa point na, 'Teka lang, nakakaintindi na 'yong anak ko, four years old na siya, nag-aaral na siya, nakakaintindi na siya kung ano ang nangyayari sa surroundings niya.'

I wouldn't want her to see me getting hurt.

So I want to make sure that the environment that I will put her in will be a completely optimistic one.”

In addition, Andi says she wants to be with her daughter the whole time, but that has been quite impossible because of her work.

Even though I'm only 26 years old and my daughter is four, I wanna be there for her all the time.

Although, given that I cannot because, at this age, I still need to work, and there are also things that I feel like I have to do to able to be the best mom that I can be.


I have to be able to find myself completely.

So for me, it's just fair for me to give myself just enough time to be able to be myself and to be able to do things for myself.”

SUPPORTIVE FAMILY. Being a mom at a young age is not easy, according to Andi.

Thanks to her mom, Jaclyn Jose, and her family for supporting her since day one.

“I had my daughter at 21 years old, I was unmarried, so I was all alone,” said Andi.

“The one thing that I'm really grateful for, looking back, is that I'm happy and I'm thankful that I have my mom to be there for me and support me in everything.

“And, of course, my family, na ginabayan po ako.”

She added, “Siyempre, bilang hindi naman po talaga siya expected, medyo I have a lot to learn about being a mother.

“Up to now, I'm still in the process of learning how to be the best mom I feel I could and I should be for my daughter.

“I guess I just learned the importance of family and the importance of keeping yourself together to make sure that you won't give yourself a room for failure in life anymore.”

Asked what she would want to hear from her daughter in the future, Andi replied, “Siguro po, kung mayroon po akong gustong marinig sa anak ko nang may sincerity it's just for her to be able to tell me, 'Mom, I'm happy.'

“Just to be genuinely sincere na she's happy.

“I believe that as a mom, I'm here for her just to carry her and raise to be a good kindhearted young lady, who will be able to achieve her dreams.

“I want her to be able to grow up and tell me, 'Mom, I'm so happy.'


“That's it, I just want her to grow up na walang hang-ups sa buhay.”

In conclusion, Andi said she's never been this motivated now that she has Ellie.

“Right now, I see my future already with Ellie,” Andi stressed.

“Every thing that I want to do and achieve in life... it's not so hard for me to keep myself motivated anymore, to achieve all of them, because the motivation is just there in front of me.

"It just already materializes into Ellie.

“So I want to be able to make sure that I will be able to be strong throughout every thing.”





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