Andi Eigenmann: "Ellie's relationship with Jake is outside of mine."

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Andi Eigenmann on her relationship with four-year old daughter Ellie: "Kahit alam niya na nanay niya ako and takot siya sa akin kapag nagagalit ako o may nagagawa siyang mali, alam niya rin na kaya kong makipaglaro sa kanya, barkada kami."

Even if Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito are not on good terms, her ex-boyfriend still gets to see the actress' daughter Ellie.

A week ago, the son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and Laarni Enriquez posted on Instagram his video chat with Ellie.

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Andi nonchalantly said, “Ellie's relationship with Jake is outside of mine.

“Just because our relationship didn't end on good terms doesn't mean that I have to hinder my daughter from being around with people who didn't do anything bad to her naman.

“It's a normal thing for me.”

But isn't it quite confusing for a four-year-old?

Andi replied, “Surprisingly about Ellie, she's so aware about every thing around her, kahit hindi ko kinukuwento or di ko sinasabi.

“As in, like may one time na...basta alam kong alam niya.

“Parang, nag-range siya from Disney princesses, na sinasabi niya na parang ako at si Jake yung Disney princess and prince, hanggang sa siya na lang at si Jake.

“Parang ganun, naiintindihan na talaga niya.” (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to interview her at the presscon of the film Camp Sawi at Le Reve Events Place, Quezon City, on August 9.

ELLIE, HER PRIORITY. Given that she's usually busy with her projects, it had been repeatedly reported that Ellie is closer to Andi's mom, Jaclyn Jose.

Andi was quick to say, “No, my daughter, as much as I wasn't able to be hands-on to my daughter, because a few years ago, I was having my fair share of problems and heartaches and I was working, it doesn't mean that I never prioritized her.


“It doesn't mean I gave other people the opportunity to be closer than I was because I'm her mother.

“Just because the person, a mother can't be hands-on as other people can be doesn't mean na she's not fulfilling her job as a mother, just as much as these other people are.

“Yes, my mom and my daughter are very close, but that's because she's her grandmother.”

RAISING ELLIE. When the time comes that Ellie grows up and will face the harsh realities of life like heartbreaks, what's going to be her advice?

She almost screamed, “Hay, I don't want that to happen!

“Ako, that's what I'm so… when I had my heart broken, I felt that my world was about to end.

“I felt like I don't wanna live anymore.

“So parang kapag naranasan yun ng anak ko, sobrang bigat ng pakiramdam.

“So siguro, the most that I could do is make sure that I show Ellie, I will raise Ellie, knowing that I'm here.

“As much as I'm her mother, I'm also her friend, but I understand that when she becomes a teenager, she gets her heart broken, she won't go to me for every thing.

“Pero siguro, sa pagpapalaki ko sa kanya, ang puwede kong ipakita ay yung reyalidad ng buhay, na ngayon pa lang, she's four years old, ini-expose ko na siya sa harsh truth ng buhay.

“But I know, I’m going to raise my daughter always finding a way to be able to tell her the truth.”


JUST LIKE BEST FRIENDS. What's her parenting style?

Is she a cool mom or the disciplinarian type?

"Oo, para lang kaming magbarkada.

“As in, may one time na parang naging big issue since hindi nga kami okay ni Jake, parang naging big issue sa kanya na pinull ko yung hair ni Ellie.

“Pero di ko naman siya minamaltrato dahil dun 'no!

“As in playful pulling lang naman yun na parang how we are, that's our rapport.

“That's our relationship 'cause I'm young, and we're like best friends na para kaming magkapatid.

“And kahit alam niya na nanay niya ako and takot siya sa akin kapag nagagalit ako o may nagagawa siyang mali, alam niya rin na kaya kong makipaglaro sa kanya.

"Barkada kami.”





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