Joy Sotto reveals "blessings" brought about by having four boys

IMAGE The Stork Studio courtesy of @joywsotto on Instagram

The children of Gian and Joy Sotto: (L-R) Sandro, Amaria, Hugo, Edrigu, and Rossano.

This was taken a week after Amaria was born.

What is it like to raise four boys?

Joy Sotto—the wife of Gian, who's the unico hijo of Senator Tito Sotto—seems to take all in her stride.

At the event of Baby Company, she told (Philippine Entertainment Portal), "You have to have the energy."

PEP Managing Editor Karen Caliwara asked: "Are they the reasons she managed to look slim?"

Joy answered, smiling, "I did gain weight. Nakatago lang kaya hindi halata.

"But yes, if you have kids who love to run around the house, that helps.

"If you have kids growing up sabay-sabay, you try to keep up with their pace.

"But I'm not complaining. They're all blessings."

Her sons are Hugo, Edrigu, Sandro, and Rossano.

Last May, she finally gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Amaria, which means "promised by God."

Joy also calls her the "princess" in the family.

She resumed, "That's the beauty of having boys. When finally, I gave birth to a baby girl, it was an answered prayer.

"I said to myself, 'Tama na kami. Okay na.'"

Will she and Gian allow their kids to enter showbiz if they want to?

Joy said, "Whatever it is they want to pursue, we'll support. But school is their priority at the moment."

In the meantime, watch this video, which is a proof the boys are not only handsome, but talented, too.





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