What's the top complaint of celeb mommies after giving birth?

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Iya Villania and Michela Cazzola are both proud members of "Team No Sleep."

Among the fears of most women is giving birth, especially if they are a first timer.

They anticipate the pain of going through labor, which sometimes takes several hours.

But the struggle does not end after delivery.

Some find postpartum even more difficult than going through pregnancy and giving birth.

While the joy brought about by motherhood is incomparable, what being a mother entails can be overwhelming.

Guess what's the top complaint of first-time moms?

Iya Villania, who gave birth on August 30, was quick to discover it.

"Totoo yung chismis, walang masyadong tulog once you give birth.

"But then you discover how selfless you can actually be.

"Sleep isn’t as important as attending to him. I love this little boy so much!!! Seems like he enjoyed his first night home!"

Nadine Samonte, who became a mom on August 27, chose to dwell on "sarap ng feeling," especially after going through a high-risk pregnancy.

But she was not exempted from the "no sleep" phase.

Yesterday, August 31, she posted a photo of her daughter on Instagram, and part of her caption was:

"Buong gabi, magkausap kami hehehehe so cute my baby Heather.

"Well, hindi naman ako nakatulog simula nung lumabas siya, hay.

"At hindi siya makatulog kapag wala siya sa dibdib ko."

Buong gabi magkausp kami hehehe so cute my baby Heather well hindi namn ako nakatulog simula nung lumabas sya haaaay baby at hindi sya makatulog kapag wala sya sa dibdib ko, hay ang sarap maging isang ina ang sarap ng feeling at nagbreabreastfeeding din po ako kahit masakit na pero cge pa din pipilitin ko na umpisahan ko na ang hirap ng wala pa sya ngyn pa ba ako bibigay? No way hehehe kaya ko to thank you sa mga mommies na sinsbi na ibreastfeeding ko pa din sya kahit maskit mallgpasn ko daw and i know i will thats the only gift i can give to my daughter na hindi kayang ibigay ng iba. I love you so much my Heather you are Gods greatest gift to us and i will always thank him. You are so precious my little one. We will take care of you my love?? Me and your dad @rboy_chua are so blessed to have you in our lives.Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and wishing us all the best thank you so much.???????????? #HeatherSloane #Godisgood #ThankyouLord

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Michela Cazzola, who gave birth to James Yap’s third boy last August 8, posted this one liner on Instagram three days ago: "Team No Sleep."

Team no sleep

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Isabel Oli-Prats, who gave birth to Baby Lilly Feather on April 18, also had her share of sleepless nights.

In a post, she said, "Changing nappies, nursing and sleepless nights are just a few of the challenges for me but it’s all worth it."

She’s been grateful to her comfy Lazboy chair and co-sleeper for making things bearable.

Shamcey Supsup-Lee had initial problems about breastfeeding, which also contributed to her lack of sleep.


A few days after she gave birth on January 24, she mentioned in her Instagram post, "I still don’t get enough sleep [2 hours straight is heaven], and I still feel pain when I move or twist, but seeing your baby grow healthier every day, sure is worth all of it."





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