Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla prepare for the arrival of Baby Isabella

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Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla move onward to the next level of their marriage—parenthood.

By the time November rolls in, Mariel Rodriguez and husband Robin Padilla would have already entered the newest chapter of their married life—parenthood.

Before the mom-to-be flew to the US, the It's Showtime host sat down with for an execlusive interview.

Mariel candidly shared her thoughts about her pending motherhood and how this much-awaited pregnancy had made her appreciate life more.

"You will really fight for your baby," she underlined as she looked back on the past few months, "Kakayanin ko pala kahit ano, all these medicines and injections. And I was hospitalized for this pregnancy three times, kaya si Robin bumilib sa akin that I was able to endure all that."

Ultimately, her journey to motherhood so far had made her realize the apparent change that would be happening in a month's time.

ADJUSTMENTS When the couple were preparing for the baby’s nursery, Mariel was surprised to find Robin offering up his dressing room for Baby Maria Isabella.

“Originally, it was supposed to be another room, which is farther, pero nagulat ako when Robin offered to give up his dressing room.” The Pinoy Big Brother host said.

“Sabi niya, dito na lang para mas malapit sa atin yung baby. So in my dressing room, I got rid of so many boxes to give Robin space for his things.

"Then we realized, the baby's so tiny, but we're all adjusting for her. There's really someone coming, and it's going to change our lives!”

Another major adjustment for Mariel and Robin was that it was no longer just the two of them in each other’s lives afterwards.


“When I think about it, nalulungkot ako na hindi na lang kaming dalawa.” She admitted. “Kasi for six years, kaming dalawa lang talaga, when we travel, when we go out on dates.

“But don't get me wrong -- we're very ecstatic about the baby. Parang next level na yung marriage namin, as parents naman.”

Even if Robin is considered an "old-timer" already in fatherhood, the actor was more than willing to be completely hands-on with their daughter.

“Nata-touch ako because Robin wants to be the one to raise the baby. He wants to be the one na magtuturo sa baby, na nakatutok sa baby. He wants to have a family.

“Sabi nya, at least for the first six months, ayaw nyang i-share yung moment na yun kahit kanino, gusto niya kami talaga lang. So if we have to be away for that to happen, then that's what we're gonna do, just so we can give our 100% undivided attention to the baby.

“Hopefully, Robin can follow sa States. I'm still praying that he can. We will stay in the U.S. until the baby is old enough to travel.”

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