Alex Gonzaga thinks Ate Toni will be a strict mommy to Baby Seve

IMAGE @severianoelliott / @cathygonzaga on Instagram

Baby Seve calls his Tita Alex Gonzaga his "BFF."

Baby Seve is barely two weeks old, but he already has a lot of firsts.

One of his first experiences at home was watching the classic 80's film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, where his second name "Elliott" was derived.

It's his dad Paul Soriano's favorite film.

On Instagram, the director captioned this photo with, "His first movie."

his first movie @severianoelliott #Elliott #E.T

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Meanwhile, Baby Seve's Instagram account showed that he had been bonding with his immediate circle of titos and titas.

Here's his groufie with Daddy Paul and his Tito Phil, Parker, and Patrick, who are brothers of the director.

with my uncle Phil @phil81293 Tito Parker @plsoriano and Tito Patrick @instapattypat #napTime

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Baby Seve has also been bonding with his "BFF," Tita Alex Gonzaga.

Paul and Toni Gonzaga teased Alex with the hashtag, "#buyMEtoys."

In a short interview with the younger Gonzaga sister in between the shoot for My Rebound Girl's PEP Talk episode, she admitted, "Spoil ko saka tuturuan ko ng mga kalokohan!"

She would also shower him with affection, "Lagi kong hahalikan!"

with my Ti-Nang @cathygonzaga #TitaNinang #buyMEtoys #napTime

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What Alex didn't mention during that interview was she will be Baby Seve's number-one fan.

In one Instagram post, she wrote in exclamation, "Lahat na ng attention na kay Baby Seve and Mommy TINTY! Cutest baby talaga si Sebyo!!!!!"

Lahat na ng attention na kay Baby Seve and Mommy TINTY! Cutest baby talaga si Sebyo!!!!! ????

A photo posted by Alex Gonzaga (@cathygonzaga) on

When (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked how she thought Toni would be as a mother, Alex said she sees a bit of their father in her, "Tingin ko, ate ko, mas magiging strict."





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