Why Bettina Carlos highly recommends "huwag kayong mag-yaya hanggang kanya niyo"

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Bettina Carlos and her five-year-old daughter Amanda Lucia, aka Gummy.

It was Bettina Carlos’s choice not to have a yaya since she gave birth to her daughter five years ago.

"Bukod sa maghirap maghanap, iba talaga kasi kung ikaw mismo na nanay ang nakatutok sa baby mo," she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) in an interview held at the launch of Jollibee Collectible toys and JolliDance Showdown app recently.

She underlined, "I really highly recommend huwag kayong mag-yaya hanggang kanya niyo.

"My yaya, I only got her because siguro it was time na.

"God gave her to me so I can focus on other things and also on Gummy, my daughter.

"I have less chores, less time for the household, and I have more time for her."

Bettina went on enumerating the benefits of not having a yaya.

1. "This girl grew up with me."

There was pride in her voice when Bettina said that.

"My yaya, I only had her last year.

"Gummy grew up having me, parang kami yung partners.

"So ang training niyan, hindi puwedeng maging spoiled because you’re my partner, you help me.

"So as you can see, we help each other."

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2. You get to monitor her activities.

"Halimbawa, yung maglalaro siya. Kasi as a mom, you want it to be fun at the same time may matututunan siya."

She also wants her daughter to have a normal childhood.

"Gusto kong maranasan niya yung paglalaro sa kalsada...Kaya although we don’t live in a house, we live in a condo, our condo has an amenity na puwedeng mag-patintero yung mga bata.


"I want her to grow up na alam niya rin what I enjoyed when I was young.

"In fact, she has moments when she’d ask, ‘Mom, what were your toys when you were young?’ Do you also have Shopskin?'"

Gummy was referring to collectible toys with common, rare, ultra-rare, special, and limited editions, and have spawned a line of books, trading cards, and a YouTube channel.

Bettina continued, "Sabi ko, ‘Wala akong Shopskin.’ The only thing I have which she can really relate to is Pokemon.

"Pero ngayon ang comeback niya is si Pokemon Go, which I don’t allow her to play because the feedback I received is it is too addicting and parang walang concept of learning."

3. You become an influential figure to her.

"If you’re always together, dumarating yung point kasi na she will include you sa decision-making niya.

"Di ba meron yung time na bago siya may gawin, lilingon muna sa iyo?

"That’s because she thinks we’re partners."

4. You become her first teacher.

No matter how busy her schedule is, this single mom stressed the importance of quality time.

"Kahit yung mga nasa bahay nga lang, minsan ang dami kasing gagawin kaya hindi ka rin talagang tutok na tutok."

So Bettina makes sure she’ll allot time when Gummy has her full attention.

"That was how I taught her the numbers, alphabet…"

Look, at five years old, Gummy is already her mommy’s kitchen assistant.

Has she shown interest in showbiz?


Bettina replied, "Actually, this early, she already asked me, ‘Mom, can I be artista?’ Gano’n.

"I also asked her, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

"She’d say, ‘Artista.’

"And I’m like, ‘Seryoso ka ba?’

"Yes she said that, and I think because she’s exposed to my job. Siguro she thinks my job is nice and fun because it looks fun to her.

"That’s why, I think she’s attracted to it.

"But we will decide when the right time comes."





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