Kris Aquino on raising a child with special needs: "The judgment is tough."

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Kris Aquino on her son Josh's condition: "Yung denial nandun talaga. Kailangan talaga as a family, you let go of that, because you really have to accept. You also have to accept that there will be so many limitations." 

Kris Aquino can relate to the moms who are raising a child with special needs.

She says it is tough in a lot of aspects.

During her inspirational talk for Ariel laundry detergent’s Wash Away Your Fears forum, Kris opens up about how her family used to be in denial about her eldest son Josh’s condition as a special child.

"As a family, I think the most important thing is that you talk about it.

"We used to sweep it under the rug. Until we all got so used to it already, and it became a part of our lives."

The Queen of All Media says it is important to go through and get over the "denial" phase to ensure that one’s child grows up in a loving environment.

"Kailangan talaga as a family, you let go of that, because you really have to accept. You also have to accept that there will be so many limitations.

"But as long as you shower your child with love... Ikaw rin as a mom give yourself some love also, kasi mahirap."

Kris also admitted that it hurts her every time she hears negative feedback about Josh.

"As far as the family is concerned, it’s tough. The judgment is tough. Lalo na sa amin sa pulitika. I mean, those memes? They hurt.

"But the thing is, my sister told me this—this is Viel, my sister—sabi niya, 'Haven’t you realized that every time someone attacks Josh, you get so many blessings because that is an innocent child?' So, God levels the playing field."


Kris added that it helps that she is financially stable enough to ensure that Josh gets the best care possible.

"Sa amin kasi, I know what it costs. Josh has a team of seven specialists working with him.

"Those bills? They stack up. But you've got to do what you have to do...

"Inaamin ko naman, e. Sobra akong na-bless financially na hindi ko na fear kung ano ang mangyayari sa kanya kapag wala ako dito."

While she is no longer expecting for miracles to reverse Josh's condition, Kris maintains that she's grateful knowing that he is healthy, fit, and communicative.

At the same time, she is at peace knowing that Josh will have his younger brother Bimby to look after him.

"Parang bina-balance ni God in that sense. Because I think Bimb came into my life because I needed someone that I am sure can be there for Kuya come what may."

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