Denise Laurel confident her son will not become spoiled brat

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Denise Laurel considers herself lucky because her five-year-old son Alejandro never throws tantrums.

Denise Laurel is one of those lucky moms whose son Alejandro never throws tantrums.

At the Wellness Moms event of P&G Philippines and Robinsons Supermarket, the Kapamilya actress tells (Philippine Entertainment Portal), “Thank goodness, subukan lang niyang mag-tantrums.”

The she quickly adds, “Joke. No, no, no. He doesn’t.”

His five-year-old son is such a “sweet, considerate boy.”

Even as a baby, “He was very calm, he was not iyakin. I’m so blessed.”

How not to raise a kid who throws tantrums?

The key, she says, is communication.

“Maybe because I explain every thing to him, and I give reasons for every thing, so hindi siya nagta-tantrums because he sees the point.”

Environment is also a factor.

“Because my family, we’re not iyakin din e and we’re not like, ma-emo. He’s not din. Very level-headed.”

How not to raise a kid who’s a spoiled brat?

Denise believes in setting a good example.

“I will never have a spoiled child coz I grew up very simple.

"Despite what people think, like, you know, they look at me, they see how I look and my last name.

“But it’s so different from who I am inside and how I was raised.”

Denise is the great granddaughter of Jose P. Laurel, the country's president under second republic, and Salvador Laurel, former vice president.

She continues, “I have lived a very simple life. No yaya, no driver, you know, very simple.

“I grew up without house help…so I learn from my parents, pick up from them, from where they left off.

“I learned independence, including cleaning the house.”

At Alejandro’s young age, Denise is proud to say “he sweeps the floor."

Laughing, she says, “He’s OC na rin.

“He mops and stuff like that.”


She has been also teaching him the value of hard work.

“He knows that every thing he wants, he has to work for it, and I’m instilling that now pa lang.”

The single mom ends the interview thanking her parenting partners.

“Thank you to my mom and my dad, when I’m working, they take over. They’re super hands-on.”

The exclusive interview with Denise is held at the launch of Wellness Movement’s ongoing promo, where purchase of at least three of participating P&G products at any Robinsons Supermarket entitles the buyer to Robinsons Supermarket GCs worth 50 pesos.





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