Drew Arellano commends wife Iya Villania: 'Every day is a Mother's Day.'

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Drew Arellano on wife Iya Villania: "Iya, being a first-time mother, she's doing a phenomenal job. She's working, she wakes up four times in the middle of the night without waking me up in bed just to pacify Primo, feed Primo. It's just a phenomenal job. Every day I think is Mother's Day."


Iya Villania and Drew Arellano are practically inseparable from their adorable four-month-old baby Antonio Primo.

In fact, the couple brought Baby Primo to GMA Network Center when they appeared at the presscon of People Vs. The Stars last Friday, January 6.

A champion of breastfeeding, Iya said that she works her schedule around Baby Primo’s feeding time.

“As much as possible, gusto ko hangga’t hindi pa siya nagso-solid food, gusto ko kasama ko siya para mapadede ko siya.

“Ayaw ko siya masanay sa bote kasi gusto ko yung kailangan niya ako. Ayoko nung hindi niya ako kailangan.”

For his part, Drew said he’s an expert in putting Baby Primo to sleep.

“When Primo was probably one month or two month-old, ihehele ko siya to sleep.

“Kapag ayaw, isasayaw-sayaw ko, kakanta ako. Production number talaga!

“Then someone mentioned, ‘Masanay ‘yan sa ganyang movement na all out.’”

But the 36-year-old TV host added that he doesn’t mind looking after their firstborn when Iya is at work.

“It’s a good set-up for me right now that I only do TV work for three days straight.

“Buti na lang, my business [requires me to work] in front of the computer. So when I’m not shooting for Biyahe ni Drew or taping here in GMA or somewhere near Quezon City, I’m home.

“And ako, how can you leave the house with that face? Primo’s face is just so [adorable].”

It helps that both Iya and Drew’s moms are always ready to give the celebrity couple a hand in looking after Baby Primo.

At night time, however, Iya admitted that she gets up from bed at least three times to take care of Baby Primo’s needs.

“Yung puyat—yun talaga ang challenge para sa akin,” the 30-year-old TV host/actress said.


To which, Drew commended Iya for being such a “super mom.”

He said about his wife, “Iya, being a first-time mother, she’s doing a phenomenal job.

“She’s working, she wakes up four times in the middle of the night without waking me up in bed just to pacify Primo, feed Primo.

“It’s just a phenomenal job. Every day I think is Mother’s Day.”

Here are few things PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) learned about Baby Primo:

1. According to Daddy Drew, Primo "farts a lot!"

2. “Oh yeah!” are not officially his first few words.

READ: Baby Primo Arellano says his "first words."

Daddy Drew explained, "Actually hindi pa legit first word. It was just a joke. Pero we keep on repeating the video over and over again na para kaming we're just lucky to have a baby as cute as that."

3. More often than not, Primo is a happy baby!

Daddy Drew elaborated, "We have a happy household. The stress is very minimized because you choose your stress naman.

"Lalo na after workout, endorphins are kicking in, everyone's so hyper and good vibe."





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