Krista Ranillo's fourth child is baptized

IMAGE @kristaranillo on Instagram

Krista Ranillo's beautiful family: (L-R)  Nolan Jayden, Krista's husband Nino Jeff Lim, Nash Archibald, Nate Jacob, and unica hija Natalie Lourdes.

Krista Ranillo and her hubby Nino Jeff Lim welcomed their baby boy Nash Archibald to the Christian World on February 5, 2017.

The couple held the baptism at the St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Virginia, U.S.A., and invited "wonderful people" to become Baby Nash's godparents.

On Instagram, Krista said about the ninongs and ninangs, "They all shower him with so much love and will be great role models for him as he grows up."

In another post, Krista gave a glimpse of her life as a mom to four kids.

The 32-year-old mother wrote, "I know sometimes it's a little too much because I feel like I can't breathe with four young kids, but I try to remind myself to enjoy them while they're little.

"When they're all grown and they won't need me (as much) I know, I'll miss these days."

Meanwhile, the little boy, who was born last August 18, 2016, never fails to make mom "happy when skies are grey."

In the same post, the former actress said, "He smiles instantly whenever he sees me. I am his world."

The daughter of actor Mat Ranillo III left showbiz in 2010, and chose to live a quieter life with her husband, a supermarket CEO in California.

In an article written by Monet Lu, Krista's old friend, the former Kapuso star described her parenting style as "strict" and "hands-on" but tries to be fun.

Here's Krista channeling Cruella Deville, while her children were dressed as 101 Dalmatians last Halloween.

In the same write-up, the mother of four described her kids with happiness.

Her firstborn Nate Jacob, 5, has "dugong artista" and loves performing in front of his parents' guests.

He loves to watch plays, too, and pose for the camera.

Meanwhile, Nolan Jayden, 3, is the exact opposite of his kuya.

Like their dad, he is reserved, "loves to study and hates the cameras."


Krista and Nino's unica hija Natalie Lourdes, 2, is much more like Mom.

She simply "loves to smile and wave at people."

Based on her posts, Krista is indeed having the time of her life away from the limelight.





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