After giving birth, Rufa Mae Quinto is "deadma" to herself and focuses on baby

IMAGE Courtesy of @rufamaequinto and @alexandriamagallanes on Instagram

Rufa Mae Quinto to "mabait" Baby Alexandria: "Sana naman wag ka magbago my little bundle of joy, my princess, my señorita, Donya, baby girl!

"Ako naman ay super mother role araw at gabi, ganito pala maging nanay."

This was how comedian/actress Rufa Mae Quinto described on Instagram her first few weeks as a first-time mom to baby Alexandria Athena, her daughter with husband Trevor Magallanes.

Rufa Mae gave birth to Baby Alexandria on Friday night, February 17.

It's only been a few days since she started doing her mommy duties, but the actress' life has changed so drastically.

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She posted a video showing her daughter sleeping on mommy's arms.

Though they have a nurse to help take care of the baby, the 38-year-old actress can't help but be a hands-on mom.

She actually ends up doing most of the tasks.

Rufa Mae wrote, "Ikaw na lahat, hands-on kahit may nurse siya 24 hours, ako ay hands on—from breast feeding, lullaby, wiwi , poop, change diaper, change clothes, saddle, pa-burp, every thing...


"Hay life, ang sarap, sulit ang pag-antay ko sa 'yo anak.

"Mahal na mahal kita, mabait siya, iyak lang pag gutom, change diaper, clothes, and hirap mag-latch."

Her post continued, "Sana naman wag ka magbago my little bundle of joy, my princess, my señorita, Donya, baby girl!

"Kahit nagbago buhay ko at pangangatawan, namanas na ako para lang mapakain ka, maging buo at healthy ka, deadma to myself, mahal kita..."

Towards the end of her IG post, Rufa Mae thanked everyone who expressed their concern and showed support.

She also hoped she wouldn't experience postpartum depression, which, according to, develops "within the first few weeks after giving birth." It entails "mood swings, crying spells, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping."

Back to Rufa Mae, she wrote, "Salamat po sa inyo ng lahat all the greetings and gifts and concern.

"Parang postpartum, wala pa sa ngayon, sana wag na lumaganap sa isip ko at pangangatawan.


"Salamat sa concerns countrymen, I love you all."


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