Drew Arellano is working on this trait to become a good dad

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Drew Arellano was very close to his late dad, Atty. Aga Arellano, who died in June 2013 due to colon cancer.

The kind of dad Drew Arellano hopes to be is similar to his very own, the late Atty. Antonio "Aga" Arellano.

Drew was extremely close to his dad, which was why his baby was named Antonio.

One of Drew’s first worries when he realized that he was going to be a father was whether he could become half as good as his old man.

In a quick interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the launch of Go Bear PH, the Kapuso host said, “My dad was a very thoughtful guy."

He repeated, “My dad is such a cheerful and thoughtful guy lang.”

In fact, when one of Drew's friends had his honeymoon in Hong Kong, his dad made an effort to send something special for that friend.

“He called the concierge and said, ‘Okay, you buy flowers and condoms for a friend of mine.’ I mean, wala namang koneksiyon to my dad or even sa mga fellow friends lang.

“I just realized these stories when he passed away and, you know, everybody went to the wake and everyone was just making kuwento about what my dad did.”

As a first-time dad to Primo, Drew hopes that in the future his own son would say the same about him.

The 37-year-old celebrity said, “I am still trying my best to be thoughtful.

“Sana makuha ng anak ko na sinusubukan ko pang kunin ngayon.”  





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