Nikka Garcia's heart-wrenching story about losing third baby

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Nikka Garcia: "I held my baby in the palm of my hand. At this time, I remember asking forgiveness from my baby. I grabbed the first box I could get and placed my baby inside before I passed out from exhaustion..."

On March 5, 2017, Nikka Garcia shared on Instagram the sad news about losing "baby number three."

Her husband, actor Patrick Garcia, posted a photo of him hugging his wife and captioned, "Everything is gonna be ok."

Five days later, the mother of two narrated her painful experience on her blog via an entry titled "MY THIRD CHERUB, OUR BABY 'B' GARCIA."

According to Nikka, the first time they learned about the good news was on January 23, 2017.

But on March 2, 2017, just a few days after announcing her pregnancy, the mom's "heart was shattered into pieces."

She experienced spotting, so she got in touch with her doctor.

The wife of Patrick recalled, "We were not so alarmed, but I consulted my OB right away.

"I updated her and she frequently checked on me."

But when she had her ultrasound, "our excitement quickly turned into sorrow."

The baby's heartbeat had already stopped.

"Why? I too do not know.


"I guess we will never understand why things are the way they are.

"We just lift it up to Him who does."

Her doctor advised her to undergo Dilation & Curettage (D&C), "a brief surgical procedure in which the cervix is dilated and a special instrument is used to scrape the uterine lining," according to

The following day, "I started contracting, and I remember counting the intervals.

"I was shaking and becoming delirious from the pain I was feeling.

"I cannot even begin to describe how scared I was.

"I stood up from my bathroom floor to grab a pillow to hold on to, and when I struggled to stand up, my baby came out of me."

The most heartbreaking part was: "I held my baby in the palm of my hand.

"At this time, I remember asking forgiveness from my baby.

"I just kept saying that I was sorry.


"I grabbed the first box I could get and placed my baby inside before I passed out from exhaustion."

She remembered "waking up to Patrick's hug."

The next morning, "We buried him/her right beside my grandfather, my Papeekins.

"I wish no parent will ever experience burying their offspring. Ever."

Sharing her story, she said, was "my way of coping," "my way of letting it out," and "my way of accepting and moving forward."

Moving on, the hands-on mother wrote a note for herself.

"Nikka, it’s okay not to be okay.

"Just remember you have two beautiful girls and a husband who needs YOU.

"Stay strong for them because they deserve to have the best wife and mom.

"You will probably never get over this but you need to stand up from this.

"It is time to move forward...You need to move on...

"One step at a time. One day at a time. God loves you. Always remember."


She also left a message "to all the women who have experienced losing a baby."

"Please allow me to hug you ever so tight right now.

"There are no words but I know that a simple hug goes a long way.

"I lift up a prayer for you. You are not alone.

"My tears go out to you.

"My heart reaches out for you," she ended.

READ her blog entry.





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